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“Salt Itinerary”

Miguel Azguime

Miso Ensemble

miso records (mdvd001.07)


“Voice, The Impossible”

“I am entering the hall in a hurry. Good, it hasn’t started yet. Or has it? There is a man on the stage. Is that a man, or a shadow? It must be a man, darkened, with a projected eye behind him. It looks like Miguel. A huge eye. Is it his? I don’t know. It could be; it’s blue. It is watching us and blinking. It multiplies! Now there are many eyes projected on the stage, all staring at me. It is not seduction, it is surveillance - amusing, thoughtful and frightening. The audience is still entering, making a continuous noise. Has it started or not? “S I L Ê N C I O!” the amplified voice screams. Now I am sure it is Miguel. It is almost impossible to mistake the voice (…)”

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Smith Quartet

music for string quartet & electronics

Pedro Rebelo, Carlos Caires, Miguel Azguime, Pedro Amaral

miso records (mcd024.10)


“Circuits of the Portuguese String Quartet”

On September 11th the Miso Records released a new CD dedicated exclusively to Portuguese contemporary string quartet, with works by Pedro Rebelo, Miguel Azguime, Carlos Caires and Pedro Amaral performed by the British group, the Smith Quartet. This edition was released within the "Circuits" project developed by the Miso Music Portugal with the support of the British Council and the Camões Institute. As part of the project, the Smith Quartet during various years gave a series of European concerts in order to present the work of various Portuguese composers.

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portuguese music

clarinet & electronics

Miguel Azguime, João Pedro Oliveira, Ricardo Ribeiro,

Carlos Caires, Cândido Lima, Virgílio Melo

miso records (mcd025.11)


“Clarinet & Electronics:

Portuguese Works/Adventures of Sound and Electricity”

Between the 14th and 17th of November (2011), the Miso Records released a CD dedicated to Portuguese music for clarinet and electronics, performed by clarinettist Nuno Pinto. The CD was presented on several public occasions (Porto, Aveiro, Lisbon) and is part of an initiative developed by the Miso Music Portugal in order to disseminate contemporary music by Portuguese composers. Several soloists of the Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble collaborate in the project and a special emphasis is given to pieces, which explore the relationship/interaction between acoustic instrumentation and electronic sound generation.

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7 Pomegranate Seeds

Numérica (NUM 1206)


“Seven Pomegranate Seeds, in-between gestures and Timbre”

Sara Carvalho (1970) has published, under the Numérica label, a CD with her works entitled “Seven Pomegranate Seeds”. Contrary to what the title may perhaps suggest, “Seven Pomegranate Seeds” does not consist of seven parts or movements. These pieces are actually seven different works – and, indeed, from relatively distinct periods. For example, “Blows Hot and Cold”, for string quartet, dates back to 1996 and it was later revised in 1997. Other illustrations are provided by “Solos IV”, for soprano (2000), as well as other more recent pieces, written between 2006 and 2009.

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