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josé luís ferreira "IN FOCUS" ON MIC.PT IN novemBER
In November the mic.pt In Focus section is dedicated to José Luís Ferreira, composer who this year celebrates his 40th anniversary and whose "first contact with music occurred with Beethoven and Amália's fados…" He graduated from composition at the Lisbon Superior School of Music where he studied under the direction of Christopher Bochmann, António de Sousa Dias and António Pinho Vargas. At the moment he is completing his PhD thesis in the area of "Mixed Music and Dynamic Relation Systems". In addition to his Composition course he attended several workshops and seminars with Emmanuel Nunes, Jean-Claude Risset, John Chowning, Per Anders Nilsson and Trevor Wishart, among others. In his compositional practice José Luís Ferreira refers to such diverse composers as Gérard Grisey, Salvatore Sciarrino and Helmut Lachenmann, yet whose departure point for composition is always the sound. "Being composer of mixed music (…), it is essential for me to understand how the sound phenomenon functions. It is the «hands on» with which we tend to cope initially, when we write «the» first note in the score (…)", says José Luís Ferreira in one of the answers to the Questionnaire / Interview, which we publish this month in the In Focus section.

Arte Eletroacústica is a radio programme presented, directed and produced by Miso Music Portugal and the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre for the Antena 2 National Radio, in conjunction with the Ars Acustica group, of the European Broadcasting Union. Every month, fortnightly on Saturdays at 1 a.m., Arte Eletroacústica presents to its listeners an art which constitutes the pulse of the future, making use of new technologies, interactivity and multimedia, giving them uncommon auditory sensations and letting them rediscover the radio as a platform for new aesthetic experiences.

The latest programmes are already available on-line:
>> October 12 - Composers resident at the LEC (Lab for Electroacoustic Creation) - 1st part
>> October 26 - Composers resident at the LEC (Lab for Electroacoustic Creation) - 2nd part

Arte Eletroacústica in November:
>> November 9 - António de Sousa Dias - "A Dama e o Unicórnio"
>> November 23 - Música Viva Festival 2013 - part 1

festival musica viva 2013
Space-Time for Portuguese new music, affirmation of its vitality, platform for circulation and dialogue of ideas and aesthetics, the Música Viva Festival will be completing in 2013 its 19th edition. It’ll showcase the resistance to maintain the supreme values of civilization and humankind – the ones that are neither to buy nor to sell!
The Festival’s programme will include the performance of 30 works (about half of them are premiere performances by Portuguese composers); six concerts on December 11, 12 and 13; activities for children; courses; sound and multimedia installations (from more than 50 composers from all around the world); and, for the first time, the Música Viva “Fringe” (Cascais, Guimarães and Évora), which will begin on November 16 with the Sound Walk at the Centre for Art and Architecture Affairs in Guimarães (CAAA).

Cândido Lima
Quatro Peças
>> see score

Christopher Bochmann
String Trio
>> see score

Christopher Bochmann
Elegy II Expanded
>> see score

Christopher Bochmann
>> see score

Joana Sá, Elogio da Desordem

works by Joana Sá

Edition: Shhpuma / Trem Azul 2013
Joana Sá & Luís Martins, Almost a Song

works by Joana Sá and Luís Martins

Edition: Shhpuma | Trem Azul 2013
Marina Pacheco & Olga Amaro, Canções de Lemúria

works by Osvaldo Fernandes, Paulo Ferreira-Lopes, Nuno Jacinto and Eduardo Luís Patriarca

Edition: Parlophone
João Godinho
Bicho Pau

October 5, Culturgest, Lisbon

João Carlos Pacheco, marimba

>> see work

José Júlio Lopes
Seekers of the Truth (GI Gurdjieff) 
bass clarinet and violoncello

October 5, Culturgest, Lisbon

Luís Gomes, bass clarinet
Catherine Strynckx, violoncello

>> see work

Andreia Pinto-Correia
Sobre um quadro de Júlio Pomar: "Fernando Pessoa encontra D. Sebastião num caixão sobre um burro ajaezado à andaluza"
violoncello and flute

October 5, Culturgest, Lisbon

Katharine Rawdon, flute
Catherine Strynckx, violoncello

>> see work

Francisco Monteiro
Mr M
string quartet

October 10, Cine Teatro Constantino Nery, Matosinhos

Matosinhos String Quartet

António Pinho Vargas
choir & orchestra

October 12, Culturgest, Lisbon

Gulbenkian Choir
Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa
Cesário Costa, conductor

>> see work