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FILIPE LOPES In focus on the MIC.PT in APRIL
Filipe Lopes is the composer In Focus in April. He is a composer with strong bonds with electroacustic music and new media. He has been an active electroacoustic music composer, composing for a wide range of scenarios such as solo, ensemble or multimedia installation but also collaborating in cinema, theatre, dance and video-installation art.
Filipe Lopes was born in 1981, in Porto. In 2003 he graduated in Music Education at Porto Superior School of Education. In 2007 he completed a degree in Composition at Superior School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE), developing strong bonds with electronic music and new media. In 2009 he finished his master's degree at Sonology, in the Hague. He taught electronic music at ESMAE between 2009 and 2011, creating the ensemble 343. He was a curator of the project Digitópia, at Casa da Música, where he was already developing intensive work since 2007. He developed workshops, concerts and software related to music education. In 2012, his work was selected at the Cri.D.A competition organized by Guimarães- European Culture Capital and in 2013 we won the European Prize ECPNM for Live Electronic Music, where he used “Do Desenho e do Som”, a software conceived and built by him.
Filipe Lopes is a composer who believes that "the role of the composer is to be curious, not just be a “maker” of music. An artist and researcher for whom writing is "a form of research, of emancipation and, above all, (...) a way of exercising freedom."
activities of the composers published by the
Works by
João Pedro Oliveira
in the USA and the UK
João Pedro Oliveira, composer published by the MIC.PT will participate in the Seeing Sound Symposium at Bath Spa University (UK) with the work Aphâr, in a version with video, in April 9. Seeing Sound is an informal practice-led symposium exploring multimedia work which foregrounds the relationship between sound and image. Seeing Sound 4 will take place at Bath Spa over the 9th and 10th of April 2016. In April, other works by João Pedro oliveira will be performed in the US: April 3, at Northern Arizona University, the works Towdah (2009), for ensemble and electronics, and In Tempore (2000), for piano, electronics and video mapping, with Ana Cláudia Assis (piano); in April 21 the Composer’s Voice Concert Series presents a concert of music by Stony Brook composers at The Firehouse Space (New York), presenting Time Spell, with Ford Fourqurean at the clarinet. The concert will feature music by Stony Brook University students, representing “the unique and diverse musical voices that have come out of the Stony Brook Department of Music”.
Portuguese composers at the Cracow Festival
Works by Portuguese composers will be performed in the 28th International Festival of Cracow Composers, in Cracow. In April 20, Nuno Pinto (clarinet) will play pieces by several composers published by the MIC.PT: João Pedro Oliveira (Time Spell, 2004), Cândido Lima (Ñcàãncôa, 1995), Clotilde Rosa (Divertimento, 1987) and Miguel Azguime (No Oculto Profuso, 2009). Nuno Pinto will also perform Liryki, by Magdalena Dlugosz and Colibri (1989), a work by the Portuguese composer Paulo Brandão. Besides his solo career, Nuno Pinto is a member of the Sond’ar-te Electric Ensemble and often performs new works by Portuguese composers. The International Festival of Cracow Composers has been present among the cultural events in Cracow since 1989. The main purpose of the Festival is the promotion and presentation of contemporary, professional work of Cracovian composers created in relation to the musical tradition of neighbouring countries, countries of the European Union and music of the world. Its artistic director is the composer Marcel Chyrzyński.
new orchestral Work
by Miguel Azguime
in Lisbon festival
A new work by the composer Miguel Azguime will be premiered in Lisbon, in the festival Music Days in Belém, in Centro Cultural de Belém, April 24. The composer published by the MIC. PT created a new piece entitled Illuminations, that will pe performed by the Orquestra de Câmara Portuguesa, directed by Pedro Carneiro. Besides its particular relationship with poetry (Illuminations is also the title of a famous work by Rimbaud) the work deals with the idea of “iluminating” a certain musical object and casting a new light on previous musical materials. The orchestra is thus conceived as an instrument of timbrical colouration and harmonical lighting. The concerto, entitled "Europe: the new and the ancient", also includes two works by Mozart (opening of The Abduction from the Seraglio and the Violin Concert n.º 5 in A major). Miguel Azguime is a composer, poet and percussionist and one of the founders of the Miso Ensemble, more than 30 years ago. This concert is part of the 10th edition of the Music Days in Belém festival. This year's program is called "Around the world in 80 concerts".
Work by Jaime Reis
in Kiev, Ukraine
A work composed by Jaime Reis, Fluxus, Lift, will be presented in a concert promoted by the Electroacoustic Music Association of Ukraine, in Kiev, in April 20. This piece belongs to the cycle Fluxus, whose pieces are inspired by elements of physics and in which musical elements that relate to certain physical phenomena related to fluid mechanics are developed. Other pieces of this cycle are Fluxus, Dimensionless sound for flute and electronics (commissioned by Festival for the Liberation of Sound and Image, Paris, 2012), Fluxus, Laminar Flow (commissioned by Festival Primavera, Portugal, 2013), among other compositions in progress.This particular piece uses recorded sounds of aircrafts in the Aero Club of Torres Vedras and synthesis techniques used to simulate types of sounds that relate to the idea of "Lift" in a perspective of aerodynamics and musica. The piece was premiered at the Festival Monaco Électroacoustique 2013.
contemporary music
at Music Festival in Viseu
The 9th International Music Festival of Viseu, whose artistic director is José Carlos Sousa, composer published by the MIC.PT. The festival is marked by the diversity of its programming, including concerts ranging from early music to contemporary music. On April 22 there will be a concert with works by Portuguese composers by the Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa (Contemporary Music Group of Lisbon). The concert includes works by Jorge Peixinho and various composers published by the MIC.PT: the premiere of Fantasy, for solo flute, by Clotilde Rosa; Anamorphoses III, for violin and electronics, by Isabel Soveral; Fluxus, dimensionless sound II, for flute and electronics, and Sangue Inverso: Magnetite, Ametista, Obsidiana, for flute, clarinet, piano, by Jaime Reis; and Tranfigurações, for violino and piano, by José Carlos Sousa. The Viseu Spring Music Festival lasts until April 30, and also promotes the 2nd International Guitar competition and masterclasses of percussion, saxophone, guitar and singing.
New electroacoustic music in the Aveiro Síntese festival
The 2nd International Elctroacoustic Music Festival Aveiro Síntese will take place between April 5 and April 8, in Aveiro. The festival includes several concerts and talks with composers. In the first day, the composers Luís Antunes Pena and Pedro Junqueira Maia will take part in a talk before a concert with works by both composers. From Luís Antunes Pena, composer published by the MIC.PT, we will hear Tracking Noise #1 and in April 6 wil be premiered in Portugal his Hi-Fi Noise Study - Pecking Chickens (2013). In April 7 will be presented "Fluxus, Lift" (2013), for electronics, by the composer published by the MIC.PT Jaime Reis. The festival includes more electroacoustic works by many other composers and four young composers with works selected within the project ‘Music in creation’: Mariana Vieira (Multiphonic Shaping), Hugo Paquete (unevenness), Ana Catarina Barros (Strange Dream) and Jorge Ramos (Project 2).
Works by Fernando Lapa in Portugal and Netherlands
A work by the composer Fernando Lapa will be interpreted in the Netherlands, at the Hague Conservatory, April 18. The piece of the composer published by the MIC.PT is entitled Quatro versos de olhar suspenso, for flute and piano, and will be played by Ana Catarina Costa, in her master's recital. Another work by Fernando Lapa, O comboio avança (on Álvaro de Campos excerpts), a work for vocal quartet and guitar quartet, will be recorded from April 18 to April 23 by Grupo vocal Olissipo and the Paris Guitar Quartet. Last February at Porto Conservatory of Music, was premiered his work Contando histórias, for flute, doublebass and piano. Also at Porto Conservatory of Music was released the edited score Canções populares transmontanas for guitar, in a concert with Paulo Peres (guitar). In April 5 Paulo Peres will perform again this program in Academia de Música de Espinho. In April 24 his work Canções populares transmontanas, for guitar quintet, will be played in Oliveira do Bairro by the quinteto 5G5C. In April 7, Fernando Lapa will also talk in a commented concert of Maria José Souza Guedes (piano) and Luis Meireles (flute), with music by Cesar Franck, in the large auditorium of the Porto Conservatory of Music.
Audio-performance by Daniel Schvetz on the radio
Between 18 and 22 April, on consecutive days (at 11:45, 15:45 and 18:45), is broadcast on Antena 2 a series of Audio-Performances "Shakespeare-Cervantes", commissioned by this radio-station. Each piece lasts 12 to 14 minutes. The montage and concept of the work was made by the composer Daniel Schvetz, from musical and stylistic references of Shapeare’s and Cervantes’s time (16th and 17th centuries). The composer published by the MIC.PT Daniel Schvetz explains that the project is "an imaginary meeting, perhaps utopian, never impossible. Four excerpts of theatre plays and three Shakespeare sonnets, seven fragments of Quixote, were chosen and became 5 small pieces involved in precise musical contexts, objects to be transmitted by radio." On Saturday April 23 will be transmitted all the audio performances together. The performers are Elizabeth Davis, Nicolas McNair, Duncan Fox, Nicolas Robertson, Jaume Pradas and Teresa Albuquerque (narrators), Helena Raposo (lute), Joana Amorim (flute) and Jaume Pradas (percussion). Meanwhile, Daniel Schvetz prepares A guerra santa (“The holy war," a new play with text by René Daumal, which will be premiered in May.
Performa Ensemble plays
Portuguese women composers
"Portuguese Women Composers XX-XXI" is a Performa Ensemble concert entirely devoted to women composers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The show toured in Brazil in 2015 and now reaches O'culto da Ajuda, in Lisbon, in April 28. The Performa Ensemble is on this occasion formed by Jorge Salgado Correia (flute) and Helena Marinho (piano). The Performa Ensemble was formed in 2007 and includes musicians, teachers and graduate students of the Department of Communication and Arts of the University of Aveiro, as well as guest musicians. The Ensemble focuses its activity in the field of composition and instrumental performance, promoting and recording works by authors who express interest in a collective and interactive work with interpreters. The Performa Ensemble has often commissioned and premiered works by Portuguese composers or resident in Portugal. The Ensemble recorded the Crossover CDs in 2008 and Fado(s) in 2014 and participated in the CD Cultures électroniques 20 in 2008, Momentum in 2010, and 7 Pomegranate Seeds in 2012. The Performa Ensemble prepares the recording of a CD with the program presented in this concert at O’culto da Ajuda, including works by several women composers edited by the MIC.PT: Constança Capdeville (Portugalesas), Ângela Lopes (La Forêt), Isabel Soveral (Le Navigateur du Soleil Incandescent), Ângela da Ponte (Seis aparições de Lenine sobre um piano), Clotilde Rosa (Alternâncias), Sara Carvalho (Solos III and My shadow walks home with me), and also works by Ana Tavares (Palavras), Berta Alves de Sousa (Tema e Variações para piano).
Ruído Vermelho on tour in portugal
The recently created trio Ruído Vermelho, a group co-created by the composer published by the MIC.PT Luís Antunes Pena, and dedicated to the performance of new electroacoustic music, will start a Portuguese tour this month, with concerts in Aveiro (Museu Arte Nova, April 5), Castelo Branco (Centro de Cultura Contemporânea, April 6), Seia (Collegium Musicum, April 7) and Porto (Teatro da Vilarinha, April 8). The trio is formed by Francesco Dillon (cello, feedback, cable), Nuno Aroso (percussion, e-guitar) and the composer published by the MIC.PT Luís Antunes Pena (megaphone, benjolin, electronics). The concerts include both written and improvised music and are conceived as a whole dramaturgy, breaking the boundaries between different single pieces, concepts, and formations. Usually the Ruído Vermelho concerts involve a considerable technological element with digital and analog instruments but also with megaphones, feedback circuits, and other instruments like metal and granit bars. In this tour they will play works by Caspar Johannes Walter, Pedro Junqueira Maia, Milica Djordjevic, Norbert Fröhlich, Luís Antunes Pena, and collective improvisations.
Recording of new piece by Cândido Lima
The guitar player Pedro Rodrigues will record in April a new work written by the composer Cândido Lima. The piece, Arcaicas Harmonias - ninfas, bosques e deuses was finished in the first months of 2016 by the composer published by the MIC.PT. In the same CD now in progress will be also included Esboços, for guitar, composed in 1969, at Santiago de Compostela (Spain). The compositor states it is "the first Portuguese piece for guitar in a contemporary style". Meanwhile, the work Gestos - Circus - Círculos (2001) by Cândido Lima will be trasmitted in the first programme of thePaisagens series, in the radio show Caleidoscópio, by Ana Telles. The work will be broadcast in the Portuguese public radio station Antena 2, Abril 3 at 10:00 p.m.
música hoje ON antena 2

Abril 9, 1:00 a.m.
New CD editions of portuguese contemporary music
Música Hoje will show some of the recent music editions in CD with works by Portuguese composers from the 21st century. Among those editions, we will hear music from the CDs A China mora ao lado, by the ExpressOriente Duo and Caffeine, by Luís Antunes Pena.

April 23, 1:00 a.m
Music by Portuguese composers presented at Música Viva 2016.
Looking forward to the festival Música Viva that will take place between May 20 and May 28 at O'culto da Ajuda, in Lisbon, we will hear works from composers programmed for the festival. scores

The MIC.PT online Score Catalog presently contains 931 works by 56 Portuguese composers. The score edition by the MIC.PT aims at distributing scores of works by Portuguese composers, making them available online and thus promoting the knowledge and choice of Portuguese music among performers, ensembles, programmers and researchers.
-A china fica ao lado

Works by Rui Dias, Ângela Lopes, Pedro Junqueira Maia and improvisations. Performed by the ExpressOriente Duo (Carlos Lima, guitar, and José Gil, flute).
Edition: ExpressorienteDuo
/Museu Nogueira da Silva
-portuguese piano trios#1

Works by Cláudio Carneyro, Luiz Costa and Sérgio Azevedo. Performed by the Trio Pangea (Bruno Belthoise, piano, Adolfo Rascón Carbajal, violin, and Teresa Valente Pereira, cello)

"estes sons, Esta linguagem"
-essays on music, meaning and society

Edition "In Honour of Mário Vieira de Carvalho". Editors: Gilbert Stöck, Paulo Ferreira de Castro and Katrin Stöck. With articles on music, sociology, aesthetics, history, ethnomusicology and musical analysis.
Edition:CESEM/Gudrun Schröder Verlag
recent Premieres
antónio pinho vargas
Stabat Mater

March 19, Igreja Matriz de Esposende
Coro de Pequenos Cantores de Esposende
Helena Venda Lima, musical direction
Diogo Zão, piano
Carlos Pinto da Costa ,violin
joão Pedro oliveira
Hû yeshûphekâ rô’sh

Março 20, Basílica do Santuário de Fátima
Olivier Latry,organ
Emanuel dimas de melo pimenta
Março 29, EIF Experimental Intermedia Foundation, Nova Iorque
Phill Niblock,musical direction
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