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[ka'mi] In Focus on the MIC​.​PT in July
Born in Lisbon in 1973, [ka'mi] is the composer In Focus on the MIC.PT in July.
His fascination towards music began very early, what led him to study guitar - performance. However, a compositional side has already been present in this initial process, either through reading books and articles on music theory, or through investigating concepts, which could be integrated in [ka'mi]'s way of performing. In 2001 he graduated from Music Sciences (Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the NOVA University of Lisbon) and began to study Composition at the Music School of Lisbon (ESML), where he had as professors: Christopher Bochmann, António Pinho Vargas, Luís Tinoco as well as João Madureira.
Between 2005-08 he participated in the Gulbenkian Orchestra Workshops for Young Composers, with the pieces Fragment, Glosa (In Memoriam) and Peça para Eça. Presently [ka'mi] resides in Austria where, as PhD student at the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien, he has been researching microtonality. As composer and co-organizer [ka'mi] has also been working with the Ensemble Platypus (Austria); with these musicians he premiered various works, including wyschnegradsky_re-revisited on June 6 at the Alte Shmiede Association in Vienna.
"To find music in everything that surrounds me is not an option, not a choice or even an ambition. It is a way and form of being in life and in the world ", says [ka’mi] in the Interview, which this month is published in the In Focus section and in the Dossier no. 20, dedicated to the work of this composer published by the MIC.PT.
Photo: [ka'mi]
Activities of the composers published by the MIC​.​PT
Sara Carvalho

The work episódio de intervalo (II) (2016) for soprano, clarinet and piano by Sara Carvalho, com-poser published by the MIC.PT, is included in the performance by Marina Pacheco (soprano), Horácio Ferreira (clarinete) and Pedro Costa (piano), which will take place on July 3 at the Casa da Música in Porto. The concert’s programme also includes pieces by Ralph Vaughan Williams, Eugène Bozza, Franz Schubert, Charles Gounod, Donato Lovreglio, Gustav Mahler and John McCabe. "For me music is incapable of not expressing anything. Music has the power to induce what Walton used to call as imagenings, that is, music provokes imaginative representations. And I think that this is the way in which we understand it, when we try to make sense of what we hear” - says Sara Carvalho in the Interview for the MIC.PT from December 2014 and available in the MIC.PT Dossier dedicated to the composer’s work.
António Pinho Vargas

The work by António Pinho Vargas (com-poser published by the MIC.PT, pianist, improviser, musicol-ogist and re-searcher) Montagem: Orson Welles - Quarteto de Cordas n.º 4 (2018), will be premiered on July 19 at the Cine-Teatro Garrett, in the context of the 40th International Music Festival of Póvoa de Varzim (FIMPV). This performance, whose programme is also composed of works by Ernest Chausson, Dmitri Shostakovich and by the finalists of the 11th International Composition Competition of Póvoa de Varzim (Carlos Lopes and Rodrigo Bacelar), includes the participation of the musicians of the Verazin Quartet (Diogo Coelho and Jorman Torres . violin; Mateusz Stasto . viola; Ana Luísa Marques . cello) as well as Sérgio de A. (piano). The work Montagem: Orson Welles - Quarteto de Cordas n.º 4 was commissioned to António Pinho Vargas by the 40.º FIMPV.
Jonas Rua

Call Center: Sinfonia Electroacústica, Pop Galo: Cinco Com-posições de Som e Luz and Egéria: Codex Lux are three works created by Jonas Runa, composer published by the MIC.PT, for the sculptures Call Center, Pop Galo and Valquíria Egéria by Joana Vasconcelos, making part of this Portuguese artist’s exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, open until November 11. In Call Center: Sinfonia Electroacústica Jonas Runa transformed Joana Vasconcelos’ sculpture into a musical instrument to compose an electroacoustic symphony for 168 telephones, giving form to a monumental “Beretta pistol”; Pop Galo: Cinco Composições de Som e Luz is a work where the artist created five pieces of light and sound, which can be activated by the audience; and Egéria: Codex Lux is a light composition in eight movements, evoking the mythical traveller Egeria.
Daniel Schvetz

The work Anagnóstis (2017-18), for solo accordion, by Daniel Schvetz - composer published by the MIC.PT - will be premiered by Fernando Brites on July 17 at the Casa da Música in Porto, in the context of the Folefest Concert of Laureates. The programme of this event, which includes the participation of the Colapseis sextet, is also composed of the music by Anatoly Kusiakov, Volodymyr Runchak, Reine Jonsson, Astor Piazzolla and Paulo Jorge Ferreira (premiere of Lumen). The Folefest has a crucial role in the divulgation of classical accordion, through a Competition and Festival, which have given the opportunity to get to know performers and repertoire of exceptional quality. In the beginning of the month - on July 2 in the context of the 7th Seminar Music, Theory, Critique and Communication at the Nova University in Lisbon - Daniel Schvetz will present his Concerto for Bandoneón and Orchestra (2011).
Jaime Reis

The work Sangue Inverso - Inverso Sangue - Magnetite e Âmbar | Ametista e Granito (2015-18) by Jaime Reis is included in the BE connect WaFl Opening Concert by the Belgian Ensemble Fractales - taking place on July 1 in Brussels. This month, on July 20, this composer published by the MIC.PT will also begin his artistic residency at the ZKM - Centre for Art and Media (Karlsruhe) in Germany. The aim of this residency, which will be taking place until August 20, is the composition of a new work for the Aleph guitar quartet, dedicated to the performance of new music. Additionally, with the work Fluxus, pas trop haut dans le ciel (2017) Jaime Reis has become one of the finalists in the B Category of the 10th Métamorphoses Acousmatic Composition Competition. The event's final will take place on October 24, in the context of the L'Espace du Son Festival at the Marni Theatre in Brussels.
40th International Music Festival & 11th International Composition Competition of Póvoa de Varzim

The jury of the 11th International Composition Competition of Póvoa de Varzim (CICPV) constituted by António Pinho Vargas (president) and Carlos Caires - composers published by the MIC.PT - and Sérgio Azevedo, has announced the selection of two works for the Competition’s final on July 19, in the context of a concert at the 40th International Music Festival of Póvoa de Varzim (FIMPV). The finalists of the CICPV 2018 are: Recorda by Rodrigo Bacelar and Tragoidia by Carlos Lopes, both works for string quartet. The jury has also decided to give a Honourable Mention to Quimera Etérea by Inés López. The 40th edition of the FIMPV will be taking place between July 6 and 28, and its programme integrates various performances, some of them with music by Portuguese Composers: Fernando Lopes-Graça (July 10 . recital for piano by Pedro Burmester); Armando José Fernandes (July 13 . concert by the Adamastor Trio; Filipa Portela - soprano; João Araújo - piano); António Pinho Vargas - premiere of Montagem: Orson Welles - Quarteto de Cordas n.º 4 (July 19 . concert by the Verazin Quartet; Sérgio de A. - piano). The programme of the FIMPV 2018 is also constituted by masterclasses and a conference by Rui Vieira Nery at the even’s opening (July 6) - Vianna da Motta and the Construction of a Portuguese Musical Identity.
Photo: ilustrative image
Música em primeira mão (Firsthand Music) . concerts
by the GMCL with music by Portuguese Composers

Música em primeira mão (1) (Firsthand Music) is the cycle of concerts by the Lisbon Contemporary Music Group (GMCL) directed by Pedro Figueiredo, taking place on July 5 and 14 in Covilhã e Alhandra (Portugal), respectively. The programme of these performances, entirely dedicated to Portuguese Music of the 20th and 21st centuries, includes works by the three composers published by the MIC.PT - premiere of Lalula: a triple trio by Christopher Bochmann, Interferências by Clotilde Rosa, as well as Llanto por Mariana and Sine Nomine by Jorge Peixinho; and also three pieces by Filipe Pires (Monólogos, Metronomie and Elegia a Madrid).
Photo: GMCL
Portuguese Composers at the 15th Sound & Music Computing Conference . Sonic Crossings

Taking place between July 4 and 7 in Limassol (Cyprus), the 15th Sound & Music Computing Conference Sonic Crossings is an initiative of the Department of Communication and Internet Studies at the Cyprus University of Technology. The event will include the participation of various Portuguese contemporary composers. On July 6, during a concert at the Rialto Theatre, the Chronos Ensemble will perform the work Towdah by João Pedro Oliveira (composer published by the MIC.PT) and Comprovisação n.º 9 by Pedro Louzeiro, with Henrique Portovedo responsible for the realization of the augmented saxophone solo part, and the composer controlling the live score. The performance of this work will be supported by the presentation of a scientific paper. Another Portuguese composer present at the SMC 2018 is Carlos Guedes who, also on July 6, will participate in the session Computational Musicology - Modeling Carnatic Rhythm Generation: a Data Driven Approach Based on Rhythmic Analysis.
Photo: ilustrative image
MIC.PT Highlights
New Composer's Page on the MIC.PT

In July the MIC.PT website provides online a new Composer’s Page dedicated to Pedro Junqueira Maia, composer born in Porto in 1971. He studied at the Superior School of Music and Performing Arts in Porto where he worked with Cândido Lima, Álvaro Salazar and Filipe Pires, having concluded his degree in Composition in Lisbon. With a musical oeuvre that includes chamber, solo, electronic, mixed and theatre music, his works aim at the integration between improvised and strictly written elements, having been presented throughout Portugal and abroad. Simultaneously to his activity as composer, he has founded the Atelier de Composição (Composition Atelier), with which he has edited several publications (printed and audio), as well as organized concerts, conferences, exhibitions and various gatherings with and about Portuguese composers. Pedro Junqueira Maia is a lecturer of Musical Analysis at the Music Department of the University of Minho.
Photo: Bruno Nacarato
July 13, 2018, at 1h00 a.m.
New Releases . New Music

This programme is entirely dedicated to new music releases in Portugal, proposing the listening to contemporary works, whose recordings have been made in the recent years. We will concentrate on new music based on research and invention through the works, which in their majority are very little known to the listeners, but which deserve a special attention, taking into account their aesthetic originality and the quality of the performances.

July 27, 2018, at 1h00 a.m.
New Releases . Portuguese Music

Música Hoje dedicates this broadcast to new releases with Portuguese contemporary works, including new improvised music. These fresh recordings prove the uniqueness and vitality of contemporary music based on research and invention. Among the selected recordings we will listen to new vinyl releases with music by Portuguese composers.
New MIC​.​PT scores
The score edition by the MIC.PT aims at distributing scores of works by Portuguese composers, making them available online and thus promoting the knowledge and choice of Portuguese music among musicians and researchers. New scores on the MIC.PT:
Paulo Bastos, Íris-abandono... (2016)
Christopher Bochmann, As sombras do sol (2017)
flute, horn, trombone, percussion, 2 violins, viola, cello
Christopher Bochmann, Fear no more
the heat o’ the sun
12 instruments
António Ferreira, About the Shovel and the Atom (2017)
flute, bassoon, trumpet, 2 trombones, violin, cello
[ka'mi] . Dossier no. 20 (PT)

This July, in the context of the series Dossiers . Portuguese Composers of the 20th and 21st Centuries, we provide another online publication - the Portuguese version of the Dossier no. 20 dedicated to [ka'mi].

Edition: MIC.PT
Sérgio Azevedo
Concertino para piano e orquestra

June 2, Ruy de Carvalho Municipal Auditorium,
Carnaxide, Portugal
Diana Botelho Vieira . piano
Nikolay Lalov . artistic direction
Chamber Orchestra of Cascais and Oeiras

June 6, Alte Schmiede, Vienna, Austria
Alexander J. Eberhard . viola
Igor Gross . vibraphone
Wolfgang Musil . electronics
Diogo Novo Carvalho

June 7, 20.21 Festival - Évora Contemporary Music, Garcia de Resende Theatre
Francisco Berény . guitar
Amílcar Vasques-Dias
Uma Serpente na Yuca

June 7, 20.21 Festival - Évora Contemporary Music, Garcia de Resende Theatre
Francisco Berény . guitar
Igor C. Silva
Blood Ink

June 8, Blue Note Zaal, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Tatiana Rosa . flute
Maija Anttila . clarinet
Sarah Claman . violin
Kevin Kirs Verstege . cello
Agostinho Sequeira . percussion
Verena Barie & Katri Antikainen . sound projection
João Pedro Oliveira
Dark Energy

June 8 & 9, Conservatoire & Q-Factory, Amsterdam,
the Netherlands
Duo Contracello
Miguel Rocha . cello
Adriano Aguiar . double bass
Jaime Reis . audiovisual projection
Vasco Mendonça
Step Right Up

June 15, Large Auditorium, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon
Gulbenkian Orchestra
Benjamin Shwartz . conductor
Roger Muraro . piano
Filipe Lopes
Variações sobre Espaço #6

June 15, ICLI 2018 - International Conference on Live Interfaces, Casa da Música, Porto
Gilberto Bernardes . saxophone
Filipe Lopes . electronics
João Pedro Oliveira

June 18, Festival New Music: Touchpoints,
Lisboa Incomum, Lisbon
Carlos Silva . clarinet
Carlos Alberto Augusto
ECOS Coimbra

June 23, Sounds of the City, Praça do Comércio, Coimbra
Simantra - Percussion Group
Carlos Alberto Augusto . sound projection
Miguel Azguime
Tudo concorre sem saber para um ponto exacto

June 23, Extraordinary Voice, Festivities of Lisbon 2018, O'culto da Ajuda
Marina Pacheco . soprano
Miguel Azguime
Mon silence silencie

June 23, Extraordinary Voice, Festivities of Lisbon 2018, O'culto da Ajuda
Marina Pacheco . soprano
Miguel Azguime
A Narrativa do Espaço

June 23, Extraordinary Voice, Festivities of Lisbon 2018, O'culto da Ajuda
Marina Pacheco . soprano
António Chagas Rosa
Chants de Teika (Fujiwara no Sadaie)

June 30, Extraordinary Voice, Festivities of Lisbon 2018, O'culto da Ajuda
Duo Tágide
Inês Simões . soprano
Daniel Godinho . piano
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