Catalogue of Scores of Gonçalo Lourenço Published and Distributed by Portuguese Music Information & Research Centre
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  Score Title Date Musical Category Instrumentation (general)
CIMP Score  Alma Mater 2004  Chamber music (2-8 instruments)  Flute, Violin, Violoncello and Harpsichord 
CIMP Score  Dunego 2004  Soloist(s) and Orch./Ens. and/or Choir  Guitar and Quartet 
CIMP Score  Individualidades I 2009  Solo  Clarinet 
CIMP Score  Palíndrome 2010  Chamber music (2-8 instruments)  Woodwind Quintet, Vibraphone, Accordion and Piano 
CIMP Score  Quatro Motetos de Natal 2004  Vocal Group/Choir (a cappella)  Mixed Choir