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Miso Music Portugal in focus on the in october
In 2015 Miso Music Portugal will celebrate its 30th anniversary, and this is precisely one of the reasons of presenting its activity within the October In Focus section on the MIC.PT. Another reason for highlighting this month the work of Miso Music Portugal is the inauguration of its new venue, O'culto da Ajuda, where from the end of October numerous project dedicated to the art of music will be hosted and performed.

The Association was born as an extension of the Miso Ensemble, created in 1985 by Paula and Miguel Azguime, in order to develop numerous initiatives for the sake of creation and diffusion of contemporary art music, with emphasis on Portuguese creation from the 20th and 21st centuries. Among these various initiatives one should highlight the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre (MIC.PT) with the objectives of public service, and many more activities such as the independent label Miso Records, the Miso Studio, the regular programme of commissions, pedagogical actions, creation residencies, the Música Viva Festival, the composition competitions, a prolific action dedicated to the internationalization of Portuguese contemporary music, …

With the opening of O'culto da Ajuda, which also anticipates the celebrations of the 30 years of its continuous activity, Miso Music Portugal initiates a new stage in its existence. The projects, which will be taking place at this new venue will not only be a continuation, but above all a reinforcement of the ideas marking its work, in consonance with an unwavering defense of Art's importance, of freedom in creation and of its solidary and sustainable role in the society. In October visit the MIC.PT In Focus section dedicated to Miso Music Portugal.
activities of the composers published by the
All-in-one by Carlos Caires at the World Music Days 2014
The work for ensemble and electronics All-in-one (2010) by Carlos Caires is included in the programme of the World Music Days 2014 Festival, which will be taking place in Wroclaw (Poland), between October 3 and 12. The piece of this composer published by the MIC.PT was commissioned by the Remix Ensemble Casa da Música for a Tribute to John Cage concert (hence its duration, 4'33''). It will be performed on October 5 by the New Music Orchestra (Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej) conducted by Szymon Bywalec. The World Music Days is an annual festival of the International Society for Contemporary Music, which aims at promoting contemporary music creation, programming works by composers from all around the world. Every year since 2000, Miso Music Portugal, as Portuguese Section of the ISCM, has been presenting to the WMD Festival's international jury an application with six works by Portuguese composers, to make part of this annual event, which since decades has been a relevant moment in the calendar of new music festivals around the world.
Momentos-Memórias II by Cândido Lima, work for two guitars, Portuguese and classical, and string ensemble, will be presented within the Annual Meeting of the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC), which will be taking place in Wroclaw (Poland) between October 3 and 8. The programme of this concert organized on October 7 at the Ksiaz Castle, and integrating the IAMIC 2014 Conference theme, Tradition and New Music, will include works by contemporary composers from five different countries, making a link between tradition and new music through the use of traditional instruments. Momentos-Memórias II by Cândido Lima, composer published by the MIC.PT, reinvents the Portuguese guitar, presenting it in new contexts and making use of the idiosyncrasies of this instrument traditionally connected with the fado universe. The work will be performed by Miguel Raposo (Portuguese guitar) and Philippe Raposo (classical guitar), with the New Music Orchestra (Orkiestra Muzyki Nowej) conducted by Szymon Bywalec.
Portuguese composers at the Festival CIME / ICEM 2014
The Cadavre Exquis, a collective work composed of various electroacoustic miniatures by Portuguese composers, will be presented during the CIME / ICEM 2014 Festival and Conference, on October 2 at the Voertman Hall in Denton (the United States). Conceived as the famous surrealist game, this Cadavre Exquis, submitted to the Festival by Miso Music Portugal as member of the Confédération Internationale de Musique Electroacoustique, is composed of pieces by Filipe Lopes, Rui Penha, Duarte Dinis Silva and Carlos Marecos, composers published by the MIC.PT, as well as by André Castro, Carlos Albero Augusto, Pedro Patrício, Simão Costa and Carlos Guedes. The CIME / ICEM 2014 Festival and Conference is taking place between October 1 and 4 at the Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia (Univeristy of North Texas). The event's programme includes concerts, discussion panels, seminars or workshops, etc., within the theme, Acousmatic Music in the Internet Age, as well as meetings of the CIME / ICEM General Assembly.
premiere by miguel azguime at the inauguration of o'culto da ajuda in lisbon
Miguel Azguime's new piece for clarinet and piano, Son a ta demeure, written for Nuno Pinto and Elsa Silva, will be premiered on October 30, at the inauguration of O'culto da Ajuda in Lisbon. This concert, with live broadcast on Antena 2, will also include four other works by this composer published by MIC.PT, that is, Conver(say)tions (2010/11), Soit Seul Sûr de Son (2004/05), Moment à l'extrêmement... (2006) and No Oculto Profuso (2009). They will be performed by the Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble Soloists - Suzanna Lidegran, violin; Filipe Quaresma, violoncello; Nuno Pinto, clarinet; Elsa Silva, piano; and João Dias, percussion. The concert is also an occasion for the release of a new CD by the Miso Records. This new edition entitled Miguel Azguime - chamber music, is composed of four of his chamber works created between 2001 and 2011: Derrière Son Double (2001), Águas Marinhas (2004/05), Conver(say)tions (2010/11) and De Part et d'Autre (2011). It includes the performances of the Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble and the Camerata Aberta conducted by Pedro Amaral, Guillaume Bourgogne and Laurent Cuniot. O'culto da Ajuda is a new venue in Lisbon run by Miso Music Portugal and dedicated to Free Art, experimentation and exchange between creators and public. It is situated on Travessa das Zebras n.º 25, next to Calçada da Ajuda.
on the
From October onwards the MIC.PT publishes online eight new scores by five Portuguese composers, that is, Inês (2007) and terra (2009) by Carlos Marecos, Fractal Points (2008) and Baktum (2006/07) by Eduardo Luís Patriarca, Rumbinação, definitivamente! (1994) and Le blanc souci de notre toile (1998) by António de Sousa Dias, ETRAS - cantos de sonhi ma - A Viagem (2008) by Cândido Lima, as well as Elle est blitz tampax (2014) by Vítor Rua.
Pedro amaral's Work in Germany
On October 15 and 16 Pedro Amaral, composer published by the MIC.PT, will be conducting the Robert-Schumann-Philharmonie during two concerts whose programme will include his work Transmutations pour orchestre - la bibliothèque en feu (2012), and the music of Benjamin Britten and Ludwig van Beethoven. Transmutations pour orchestre was premiered on April 2012 at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, and on this occasion it will have its first performances in Germany, at the Stadthalle in Chemnitz. The work is inspired in the painting by Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, La bibliothèque en feu, which belongs to the collection of the Modern Art Centre at the Gulbenkian Foundation.
Two concerts with works by the Portuguese composers published by the MIC.PT, Ricardo Ribeiro and Isabel Soveral, will be taking place on October 21 and 23, at the Cine-Teatro Avenida in Castelo Branco (9h30 p.m.) and at the New Art Museum in Aveiro (10h30 p.m.), respectively. The performers at these events will be the cellist Filipe Quaresma and the saxophonist Gilberto Bernardes who will present the works, Ostinati (2010) for violoncello and live electronics and In Nuce (2011) for saxophone and electronics, both by Ricardo Ribeiro; Anamorphoses VI (2001) for saxophone and electronics and Anamorphoses IV (1997) for violoncello by Isabel Soveral; as well as the Sonata for alto saxophone and violoncello by Edison Denisov.
Filipe Lopes, composer published by the MIC.PT, is responsible for the conceptual sound design at the new circus spectacle, Abutre, created and performed by Filipe Caldeira. This piece is a co-production of the Alcateia Project and the Lapa do Lobo Foundation destined at secondary school pupils. It is a spectacle on the present condition of teenagers as well as a metaphor on the construction of their own identity, between the search of the I and the confrontation with themselves and the others. Abutre will be presented on October 15, as a "work-in-progress" format, during the International Puppet Festival in Porto, as well as between October 29 and 31 within the Alcateia Project at the Centro Cultural de Carregal do Sal.
This month João Pedro Oliveira is invited composer at L'Espace du Son, XXI Festival international de musique acousmatique, which will be taking place between October 15 and 19 at the Théâtre Marni in Brussels.The event is organized by Musiques & Recherches, Belgian association dedicated to acousmatic music. In this context, on October 18, the Festival organizes a portrait concert with four electroacoustic works by this Portuguese composer published by the MIC.PT, that is, Aphâr (2007), A Cidade Eterna (1988), Mahakala Sadhana (1999) and Et Ignis Involvens (2005/14). Additionally, on October 19, João Pedro Oliveira will give a masterclass on Models of Interaction between Instrumental Sounds and Electronics, as well as he will integrate the jury of the Metamorphoses Composition Competition and the L'Espace du Son Spatializaton Competition.
João Pedro Oliveira at Bimesp
João Pedro Oliveira, composer published by the MIC.PT, is invited artist at the International Biennale of Electroacoustic Music in São Paulo (BIMESP), which will be taking place between October 20 and 31. In this context, on October 23, the BIMESP is organizing two concerts - Carte Blanche a João Pedro Oliveira, whose programme will include the work Urban (2012) by António Ferreira, winner of the 14th International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition Música Viva 2013; as well as a Monographic Concert with João Pedro Oliveira's four electroacoustic works: Aphâr (2007), Hydatos (2008-2013), A cidade eterna (1988) and Et ignis involvens (2005/14). Additionally, within the Biennale, the composer will also give a conference, Composition, Identity and Contemporaneity, being also participant in the event's other activities such as a round table.
Two works for choir and orchestra by António Pinho Vargas, composer published by the MIC.PT, that is, Requiem (2012) and Judas (2002), performed by the Gulbenkian Orchestra and the Gulbenkian Choir conducted by Joana Carneiro and Fernando Eldoro, have been released on a CD under the Naxos label, available from the beginning of October. In this context on October 15 at 6h00 p.m. at the FNAC store in Chiado, Lisbon, the composer will make a presentation of this new edition. Other António Pinho Vargas' activities in October include two performances of his new work Les Octaves, sonata para 2 pianos e percussão (first performance on September 19 at the Municipal Auditorium in Resende), by the Drumming - Percussion Group within two concerts entitled Os Ecos dos Muros, on October 10 at the Casa das Artes de Felgueiras and on October 11 at the Centro Social e Paroquial de Ferreira. Additionally, on October 2 during the cycle Conversas à 5ª at the Cine-Teatro Louletano, António Pinho Vargas will give a public speech concerning the Present Situation of Portuguese Music.
Patrícia sucena de almeida at the tagv in coimbra
Throughout the 2013-14 Season the Gil Vicente Academic Theatre (TAGV), in collaboration with the Artistic Studies Course of the Faculty of Letters at the Coimbra University, has been developing the project Photography & Sound (Fotografia & Som), coordinated by Patrícia Sucena de Almeida, photographer and composer published by the MIC.PT. The project's programme has included an ongoing training initiative, Workshop#1 Instalação, Fotografia & Som, with transdisciplinary profile, and designed for musicians, composers, as well as professional and amateur photographers. The public presentation of the artistic results of this work will initially take place in form of a seminar on October 9 at 9h30 p.m., at the Casa das Caldeiras in Coimbra, while the the inauguration of the creations will occur on October 10, at various spaces in Coimbra, for which these works have been developed, that is, TAGV (de | cisão), Casa das Caldeiras (dimensões (in)temporais), Jardim Botânico (herbarium#01), Faculdade de Letras/FLUC (O Legado) and Colégio das Artes ((Des)Analgesias).
Salt Itinerary by Miguel Azguime in Guimarães and lisbon
In October the multimedia opera Salt Itinerary, with music and text composition by Miguel Azguime and video composition by Paula Azguime, will have two presentations in Portugal. The first performance, on October 25 at 6h30 p.m., will be held at the Centre for Art and Architecture Affairs (CAAA) in Guimarães, with Miguel Azguime as performer, Paula Azguime carrying out the sound diffusion and André Bartetzki responsible for the video programming. The second performance of Salt Itinerary will take place within the inauguration of O'culto da Ajuda in Lisbon, on October 31 at 9h30 p.m. Created between 2003 and 2006 by Miguel Azguime, composer published by the MIC.PT, the Salt Itinerary is a one man show combining in a unique way, tradition and contemporaneity, as well as poetry, theatre, music and image. This opera is a reflection on creation and madness, revolving around language - words as meaning and words as sounds. They constitute dimensions of the voice treated as extension of the body, being integrated in the stage construction as a tangible projection of the words' resonance through sound and image.
música hoje on antena 2
October 11
Music of Paulo Ferreira-Lopes
In October Paulo Ferreira-Lopes, composer published by the MIC.PT, professor and promoter of new music, who shares his residence between Portugal and Germany, celebrates his 50th anniversary. On this occasion the September In Focus section on the MIC.PT, and the first October edition of Música Hoje (Music Today) are dedicated to his music, presenting his career and musical thought, as well as various chamber works suggested for the programme by the composer.

October 25
Matosinhos String Quartet
Created in 2007 and constituted by Vítor Vieira, Juan Maggiorani, Jorge Alves and Marco Pereira, the Matosinhos String Quartet is presently one of the essential ambassadors of Portuguese music from the 20th and 21st centuries. Within the 2014/15 concert season the Quartet will be realizing the Rising Stars European programme, an initiative of the European Concert Hall Organization, which aims at promoting new talents in the area of classical music, giving them the possibility to perform in various European concert halls. During this Música Hoje (Music Today) programme we will present Portuguese music performed by the Quartet, included on recent CD releases.

Antena 2, à 1h00 da madrugada
new scores on the
The online score edition by the MIC.PT contributes for the effective distribution of works by Portuguese composers, providing online access to the scores as well as their free download. Our aim is to disseminate and promote Portuguese music, and thus assure its choice for performance by musicians, ensembles and programmers, or its research within the academic environment. The MIC.PT Score Catalogue, avaliable online, presently includes 853 works by 50 Portuguese composers.
Open Farm Thursdays
October 2 - 9h30 p.m.
Miso Music Portugal
Talking music with Simão Costa: music by Simão Costa and György Ligeti
A cycle of monthly musical gatherings dedicated to electroacoustic music, and not only; presenting the principal currents of this music, which revolutionized the musical creation of the last 60 years.
new CDs on the
António chagas rosa
Les Sorcières Feiticeiras
As Feiticeiras (2006) by António Chagas Rosa with poetry by Maria Teresa Horta
performed by Ensemble Musicatreize under the direction of Roland Hayrabedian

Edition: ACTES SUD | Musicatreize
Filipe QuaresmA
Portuguese music for solo cello
Works by Alexandre Delgado, Carlos Azevedo, Miguel Azguime, Nuno Côrte-Real and Ricardo Ribeiro

performed by Filipe Quaresma (cello)

Edition: Self-publishing / Artway
New books on the
Maria Teresa Horta
Les Sorcières Feiticeiras
Poetry by Maria Teresa Horta

Book including the CD with music by António Chagas Rosa

Edition: ACTES SUD
Recent premieres
Pedro Faria Gomes
How Beastly the Bourgeois Is
September 12, Grande Auditório, Gulbenkian Foundation
Inês Simões, soprano
Gulbenkian Orchestra
Magnus Lindberg, conductor
Nuno da Rocha
I could not think of thee as piecèd rot
September 12, Grande Auditório, Gulbenkian Foundation
Inês Simões, soprano
Gulbenkian Orchestra
Magnus Lindberg, conductor
daniel moreira
Singra o navio
September 12, Grande Auditório, Gulbenkian Foundation
Inês Simões, soprano
Gulbenkian Orchestra
Magnus Lindberg, conductor
Igor C. Silva
Massive #
September 12, Grande Auditório, Gulbenkian Foundation
Inês Simões, soprano
Gulbenkian Orchestra
Magnus Lindberg, conductor
António Pinho Vargas
Les Octaves, Sonata para 2 pianos e 2 percussionistas
September 19, Resende Municipal Auditorium
Drumming - Percussion Group
Miquel Bernatic, direction
Nuno Guedes de Campos
19 Objectos, 3 Lâminas e 1 Violoncelo
September 24, Young Musicians Festival, Gulbenkian Foundation
Drumming - Percussion Group
Filipe Quaresma, cello
Daniel Davis
...from the last breath
September 26, Young Musicians Festival, Gulbenkian Foundation
Gulbenkian Orchestra
Pedro Carneiro, conductor
The work for harp and live electronics, Do Desenho e do Som #3 (2013) by Filipe Lopes, composer published by the MIC.PT, will be presented at the concert of the harpist Remy van Kesteren, on October 26 at the 40. Festival NEUE MUSIK LÜNEBURG. This piece, based on the performance of a graphic score generated in real time, received the 1st Award at the 6th edition of the European Competition for Live Electronic Music Projects 2013, organized by the ECPNM and co-produced by the Gaudeamus Muziekweek, EULEC in Lüneburg and Miso Music Portugal.
The work for piano for four hands, Por um dia igual by Sofia Sousa Rocha, composer published by the MIC.PT, will be premiered on October 18 at the Cine-Teatro Eduardo Brazão in Valadares. The programme of this concert, which also includes pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach / György Kurtág, Arvo Pärt, Paulo Bastos and György Ligeti, will be performed by the Kla-Vier Duo constituted by the pianists Patrícia Ventura and Sónia Amaral and dedicated to contemporary repertoire for four-hand piano.
World music days 2015
Within the Call for Scores / Projects for the World Music Days 2015 Miso Music Portugal has invited six Portuguese composers, published by the MIC.PT, to include their works in the official application of the ISCM Portuguese Section for this Festival dedicated to new music. The invited composers are: Patrícia Sucena de Almeida, Bruno Gabirro, Carlos Marecos, Eduardo Luís Patriarca, Sofia Sousa Rocha as well as António Chagas Rosa.
Subsequently, the works submitted by the ISCM Sections and Members from all over the world, will be selected by an international jury to integrate the programme of the World Music Days 2015, which will be taking place between September 26 and October 1, 2015, in Slovenia.
The Call for Scores / Projects for the World Music Days 2015 continues open until October 31, wherein the applications can be made individually. highlights
IAMIC 2014 Meeting, Tradition and New Music
Tradition and New Music is the theme of the next IAMIC (International Association of Music Information Centres) Meeting where Portugal is represented by the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre. The Meeting will be taking place between October 3 and 8, and it will accompany the ISCM World Music Days Festival in Wroclaw, Poland. Its theme is connected with the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of Oskar Kolberg (1814-90), Polish ethnographer, folklorist, and composer. In this context the IAMIC Meeting programme includes a Conference on October 7 at the Ksiaz Castle, with presentations by various international specialists in ethnomusicology. The Conference will be followed by a concert with works by five composers from different countries - Drepani by Savvas Savva from Cyprus; Metamerie by Jana Kmitowa from Slovakia; Momentos-Memórias II by Cândido Lima from Portugal; Arma Virumque Cano by Gunnar Andreas Kristinsson from Iceland; and Aus aller Welt stammende by Zygmunt Krauze from Poland. In the context of the IAMIC 2014 Conference theme all these works make a connection between tradition and new music, including the use of traditional instruments. The programme of the IAMIC 2014 Meeting also includes regular sessions with the participation of the Association's members, a Forum for Future Projects, as well as the General Assembly.
featured news
On August 31 the Secretary of State for Culture, Jorge Barreto Xavier, inaugurated the Documental Centre for Scores (Núcleo Documental de Partituras), working under the auspices of the Music Museum (Museu da Música), at the Beatriz Costa Municipal Auditorium in Mafra, facilities assigned for this purpose by the local authority, following a protocol established with the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage (DGPC). This is one of the stages within the transfer of the Music Museum to the National Palace in Mafra - the inauguration is planned for 2017. The Documental Centre for Scores has an aim of preserving and providing public availability of various fundamental pieces from the Philharmonic Band repertoire with regard to Portuguese creation (including scores of classical and light music, as well as other genres). The Centre was implemented within the protocol signed between the Music Museum, the Portuguese Music Confederation (Confederação Musical Portuguesa) and the Portuguese Confederation of Culture, Recreation and Sport Associations (Confederação Portuguesa das Colectividades de Cultura, Recreio e Desporto).
Prémio jovens músicos 2014 - Young musician of the year
The laureates and winners in each category of the Young Musicians Award (Prémio Jovens Músicos, PJM), as well as the ex-laureates of the PJM previous editions, presented themselves at the Young Musicians Festival, which took place at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation between September 24 and 26, with all the concerts broadcast by the Antena 2 (Portuguese Radio). In this context the clarinettist Horácio Almeida Gonçalves Ferreira was appointed the Young Musician of the Year and awarded by the PJM jury with the Maestro Silva Pereira Award. The Young Musician gave a performance at the Gala Concert, whose programme also included the premiere of the winning work at the 3rd Edition of the SPA / Antena 2 Composition Award, ...form the last breath by Daniel Davis (chosen by the jury constituted by Pedro Carneiro, António Pinho Vargas and Carlos Guedes), as well as the Symphony no. 3 by Luís de Freiras Branco. The SPA / Antena 2 Award Honourable Mention was attributed to the work Rituais Interrompidos by Afonso Teles. The PJM Gala Concert was performed by the Gulbenkian Orchestra conducted by Pedro Carneiro (PJM ex-laureate).
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