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Activities of the composers published by the
Igor C. SIlva

In November Igor C. Silva, composer published by the MIC.PT, won the first Prize at the International Electroacoustic and Intermedial Composition Competition eviMus for the work Numb (2015) for baritone saxophone and electronics. The Competition's 1st Edition was organised within the scope of the festival: Saarbrücker Tage für elektroakustische und visuelle Musik in Germany. Additionally, on December 18 and 28 respectively the work Frames #87 (2011) for clarinet, electronics and video by Igor C. Silva will be performed in the context of the Clarmeet.Porto 17 by Victor Pereira and in Guarda in the context of the Electroacoustic Music Days Festival (DME) by the clarinettist Frederic Cardoso.
Daniel Schvetz

Pois é is the project by Daniel Schvetz, composer published by the MIC.PT, recently recorded on the CD entitled Canção de vidro, released with the support of the Embassy of Portugal in Brussels and the Camões Institute. Pois é is a project based on texts by various Portuguese poets - Mário Quintana, Natália Correia, Fernando Pessoa, Jorge de Sena, Álvaro de Campos - with original music and two poems by Daniel Schvetz, as well as with the interpretations by Sara Belo (voice) and the composer on piano. In this project “the sung, spoken, written and read voice is a privileged vehicle not only for the word, but also for the sound and emotion - it’s a sonic symbol representing everything human, existing in the universe”.
António Pinho Vargas

The work Six Portraits of Pain (2005) for cello and ensemble by António Pinho Vargas, composer published by the MIC.PT, makes part of the concert programme, which will be performed by the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, under the baton of Pedro Amaral, on December 1 and 2 at the Thalia Theatre in Lisbon; the soloist part in António Pinho Vargas’ work will be performed by the cellist Pavel Gomziakov. This concert programme entitled Retratos da Dos (Portraits of Pain) also includes Anton Bruckner’s Symphony no. 1. Six Portraits of Pain is inspired in phrases by different writers and philosophers in order to develop a “musical reflection” on suffering connected with creation and existence.
João Pedro Oliveira

The work ff (Frozen Fred...) from 2012 for piano, composed by João Pedro Oliveira. is included in the new project and CD Vertentes by the Brazilian pianist Ana Cláudia de Assis. Its release will take place during two performances at the beginning of this month - on December 1 at the Artistic Education Foundation (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), and on December 5 at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Pampulha, Belo Horizonte, Brasil). Another work by this composer published by the MIC.PT - Vox Sum Vitae (2010) for vibraphone and electronics - will be presented on December 9 by the Verdant Vibes Ensemble in the context of the event: Verdant Vibes Winter Warmer in Providence (the USA).
Works by Portuguese Composers in the Sound Told Fairy Tales Project

Works by four Portuguese composers published by the MIC.PT will be presented in the context of the performances of the Sound Told Fairy Tales project, which will be taking place between December 5 and 7 at the Teatro da Rainha in Caldas da Rainha (Portugal). The works are: A Ilha from 2017 (world premiere) with music by Rui Penha and story by João Gomes de Abreu and Yara Kono, O Leão e o Rato from 2017 (world premiere) with music by Miguel Azguime and story by Jean de La Fontaine, A Música do Silêncio Mágico from 2006 with music by António Ferreira, based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story King’s New Clothes adapted by Ágata Mandillo, and Uma mesa é uma mesa.... Será? from 2008 with music by José Luís Ferreira and story by Isabel Minhós Martins. This programme also includes the piece Plop! (2006) with music by Isabel Pires and a traditional Tibetan tale adapted by Ana Mandillo. Sound Told Fairy Tales is a Miso Music Portugal’s project for children with concept and sound diffusion realised by Paula Azguime, artistic direction and computer assistance by Miguel Azguime, technology provided by Miso Studio; as well as with Ana Baptista and Francisco Sales as narrators.
Gonçalo Gato

Gonçalo Gato, composer published by the MIC.PT, will be in 2018 Young Composer in Residence at Casa da Música (Porto). According to the programme presented by this music institution on November 17, next year Austria will be its main theme, with Georg Friedrich Haas as Composer in Residence. Gonçalo Gato was born in 1979 in Lisbon. As composer he had the opportunity to work with some of the most famous ensembles in the world, such as: the London Symphony Orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Recherche, Chroma Ensemble or the Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble. In the field of music research his interests are focused on computer assisted composition. He has recently finished his doctoral degree at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama under the supervision of Julian Anderson.
Miguel Azguime

The performance of the multimedia opera Salt Itinerary (2006/03) by Miguel Azguime will take place on December 3 at the Cricoteka - Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor in Cracow (Poland). With music and texts composed by this composer published by the MIC.PT, as well as staging and video composition by Paula Azguime, the Salt Itinerary is a one man show by the Miso Ensemble - performed by Miguel Azguime, with Paula Azguime responsible for sound projection and live electronics and Perseu Mandillo for live video. Salt Itinerary is a paradigm for an alliance between creativity, technology and innovation in performing arts, joining tradition and contemporaneity, theatre, music and image. It's a reflection on creation and madness, revolving around language as well as words as meaning and words as sound.
Nuno Figueiredo

With the work Soffiando (2017) Nuno Figueiredo has won the 1st Prize (B Category) at the 3rd International GMCL/Jorge Peixinho Composition Competition. In 2014 this composer published by the MIC.PT received the 1st Prize in the framework of the same Competition for the work Memorandum for understanding (2014). This year the Competition’s jury was constituted by Ivan Fedele, Gerhard Stabler, Pedro Pinto Figueiredo, Jorge Sá Machado; and three composers published by the MIC.PT: the late Clotilde Rosa, João Madureira and Jaime Reis. The other winners of the 3rd GMCL/Jorge Peixinho Competition are: Geovanni Bonato (Italy) - 1st Prize in the A Category; Miguel Villanueva Hering (Spain) - 2nd Prize in the A Category; Dongryul Lee (South Korea) - 2nd Prize in the B Category. The jury also awarded Sakiko Kosaka (Japan) with a Honourable Mention.
Jaime Reis

The work Inverso Sangue: Cinábrio (2017) for violin, viola and cello by Jaime Reis, composer published by the MIC.PT, will be premiered on December 16 in Kiev (Art Ukraine Gallery), in the context of the concert by the members of the International Ensemble Modern Academy, whose programme will also include pieces by Giacinto Scelsi, Matthias Pintscher, Arnold Schoenberg and Helmut Lachenmann. From this date and until December 22, at the Ukrainian capital Jaime Reis - together with the Belgian composer Stefan Prins - will also realise composition master classes organised by the Kyiv Contemporary Music Days festival and directed to composers of all ages and nationalities. The curse’s participants will be developing their new works, which will subsequently be premiered at the event’s final concert on December 22.
Portuguese Composers at the DME #56 FESTIVAL

Music composed by four Portuguese composers published by the MIC.PT is included in the programme of the Electroacoustic Music Days Festival (DME), which will be taking place between December 27 and 30 in Seia (Portugal). It is the 36th edition of the DME Festival taking place in the Serra da Estrela region and the 56th of all the editions organised since the first event in 2003 in Cracow (Poland). The aforementioned composers are: João Pedro Oliveira (various pieces, including L’accordéon du diable), Igor C. Silva (Frames #87), Filipe Lopes (Do Desenho e do Som #1) and Luís Antunes Pena (The Hunter). The DME #56 Festival’s programme also includes a concert of purely electroacoustic music with works by composers selected by the MUSLAB festival; a performance of electroacoustic pieces by young composers from different countries; as well as works by various other Portuguese contemporary composers: Bruno Ferreira, Diogo Novo Carvalho (world premiere of Imagem I), Carlos Brito Dias and João Pedro Coimbra. The performers participating in the DME #56 Festival are: Ensemble DME, Frederic Cardoso (clarinet), Igor C. Silva (electronics), Eva Zöllner (accordion), Heather Roche (clarinet) and Justine Sedky (flute), among others. The DME Festival’s artistic director is Jaime Reis, composer published by the MIC.PT.
Ricardo Matosinhos

Ricardo Matosinhos, composer published by the MIC.PT, is author of the Portuguese translation of the new version of the EarMaster Software. This programme is dedicated to ear training and music sight-reading, which allows to develop 14 different types of activity: compare, identify and intone intervals; identify chords, chord inversions, harmonic progressions and scales; sight-read rhythms, imitate them, do rhythmic dictations and find errors in a given rhythm; intone and imitate sound and melodies as well as do melodic dictations. The software possesses a traditional General and a Jazz Course, presents a new Course for Beginners directed to the ones’ not having any musical knowledge and practice, and offers a new Singing Course. EarMaster also has an option to create personalised activities, that is to identify intervals up to 3 octaves or do a dictation or intonation in a specific scale, choosing rhythmic values, tonalities, among many other music parameters.
Franando C. Lapa

Um Natal Português (Portuguese Christmas) based on traditional melodies, for choir and orchestra, is a work and performance composed of four distinct “parts” written by various Portuguese contemporary composers, including Fernando C. Lapa, composer published by the MIC.PT. The other authors are: Carlos Azevedo, Fernando Valente e Eugénio Amorim. This concert, which includes the participation of Daniela Matos (soprano), the Orfeão de Leiria Choir and Chamber Choir, the Leiria Symphony Orchestra and Nuno Almeida (musical direction), will take place on December 1 at the Convento da Portela (Franciscanos) Church in Leiria (Portugal). Another piece by Fernando C. Lapa, das margens da luz (2009), will be presented on December 19 by Ricardo Alves (clarinet) and Artur Pereira (piano) at the Large Auditorium of the Music Conservatoire in Porto. This recital, making part of the general programme of the Conservatoire’s Centenary, also includes a piece by Alexandre Delgado (Langará), among other works.

MUTABILIS is an imersível installation and performance inspired in the flower of Hibiscus mutabilis, also known as “confederate rose”. In the morning this flower blooms with pure white, passing through intense and vivid pink, becoming violet in the following days. With choreography and costume design by Paula Pinto; sonic creation and programming by António de Sousa Dias, composer published by the MIC.PT; video creation and video-mapping by Daniel Rondulha; and sound projection by José Luís Ferreira, composer published by the MIC.PT; the installation/performance MUTABILIS, which will be presented between December 20 and 22 at the O’culto da Ajuda in Lisbon in the context of the InShadow Festival, proposes a path, where the coexistence of different spaces and time dimensions reveals the change as a unique constant in life.
música hoje on antena 2
December 1, 2017, at 1h00 a.m.
GranularFest 2017

In the framework of the GranularFest 2017, taking place on December 15 and 16 at the O’culto da Ajuda in Lisbon, this programme proposes the audition of improvised music editions from the recent years, including the recordings realised at the Granular association. Directed by Carlos Zíngaro, Emídio Buchinho e João Pedro Viegas, this association is dedicated to the promotion, divulgation, development and research of experimental art – music, sonic art, performance, multimedia and visual arts. In this context the Música Hoje radio programme highlights recent CDs with experimental acoustic and electroacoustic music, pointing out new paths for improvised music in Portugal.

December 15, 2017, at 1h00 a.m.
Portuguese Music . New CDs

This Música Hoje programme is dedicated to the new CD releases with Portuguese contemporary music. We will present the most recent editions revealing the artistic and editorial vitality in the field of new music. This programme also intends to recognise the recent developments in contemporary composition, presenting and reflecting on the aesthetic quality and diversity of a series of current music proposals created (and recorded) in Portugal.

December 29, 2017, at 1h00 a.m.
Portuguese Music . New CDs

This Música Hoje programme is dedicated to the new CD releases with Portuguese contemporary music. We will present the most recent editions revealing the artistic and editorial vitality in the field of new music. This programme also intends to recognise the recent developments in contemporary composition, presenting and reflecting on the aesthetic quality and diversity of a series of current music proposals created (and recorded) in Portugal. scores
The MIC.PT online Score Catalogue presently contains 971 works by 63 Portuguese composers. The score edition by the MIC.PT aims at distributing scores of works by Portuguese composers, making them available online and thus promoting the knowledge and choice of Portuguese music among performers, ensembles, programmers and researchers. DIGITAL EDITIONS
JOÃO MADUREIRA DOSSIER No. 12 . Portuguese Composers of the 20th and 21st Centuries (English Version)

This December, in the context of the series Dossiers . Portuguese Composers of the 20th and 21st Centuries, we provide another online publication - the English version of the Dossier no. 12 dedicated to João Madureira.
Presently the Dossiers dedicated to the following composers are available on the MIC.PT: Paulo Ferreira-Lopes . Sara Carvalho . António Ferreira . António Chagas Rosa . Bruno Gabirro . Christopher Bochmann . Patrícia Sucena de Almeida . Miguel Azguime . Ricardo Ribeiro . Pedro Rebelo . Vítor Rua . João Madureira . António de Sousa Dias . Fernando C. Lapa . Isabel Soveral . Tiago Cutileiro.

Edition: MIC.PT
Luís de Freiras Branco/César Franck Sonatas for Cello and Piano

Wroks: Sonata for Cello and Piano (1913) by Luís de Freitas Branco . Sonata for Violin in A major (1886) by César Franck, arr. J. Delsart . Performers: Filipe Quaresma (cello) . António Rosado (piano)

Edition: Artway
Lisboa - Paris
Bruno Belthoise & Ensembles

Works by: António Victorino d' Almeida, Jorge Croner de Vasconcellos, Edward Luiz Ayres d'Abreu, Fernando Lopes-Graça, José Vianna da Motta, Sérgio Azevedo, among other composers

Edition: mpmp

November 2, Palácio do Sobralinho, Sobralinho, Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal
Rui Pinheiro . musical direction
Rui Baeta . baritone
Inês Simões . soprano
Daniela Pinheiro . flute
Catherine Stockwell . bassoon
Magda Pinto . viola
Sofia Azevedo . cello
João Nascimento
Alentejo Devido

November 4, Igreja de Sta. Catarina, Lisbon, Portugal
Orquestra Sinfónica Juvenil
Christopher Bochmann . musical direction
Luís Neto da Costa
febres de arabescos em frisos inertes

November 5, Casa da Música, Porto
Remix Ensemble Casa da Música
Peter Rundel . musical direction
Alfredo Teixeira
No princípio eram as asas

November 19, Igreja de São Roque, Lisbon, Portugal
Pedro Massarrão . cello
Youth Choir of the Lisbon Gregorian Institute
Filipa Palhares . musical direction
Nuno da Rocha

November 19, Igreja de São Roque, Lisbon, Portugal
Pedro Massarrão . cello
Lígia Soares e Marcos Lázaro . violins
Diana Pinto . recorders
Sérgio Silva . harpsichord
André Ferreira . organ
Youth Choir of the Lisbon Gregorian Institute
Filipa Palhares . musical direction
Paulo Bastos
Seven, seven…

November 22, Adelina Caravana Auditorium, Calouste Gulbenkian Music Conservatoire, Braga, Portugal
Ricardo Pereira . trombone
Daniel Schvetz
Lisboa em Voo de Peixe

November 23-26, Fábrica das Artes, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon, Portugal
Animation with live music by Daniel Schvetz
Beatriz & Joana Bagulho, Caroline Bergeron . creation
Joana Bagulho . harpsichord and performance
Beatriz Bagulho . performance
Étude de Symétrie Organologique et Ergonometrique
November 25, ART EXPO, Tokyo, Japan
Eri Kawamura . piano (Phidias Trio Tokyo)
Tiago Cabrita
O Jardim
November 25, Vianna da Motta Auditorium, Lisbon Superior School of Music, Portugal
Joana Alves . soprano
Francisco Henriques . baritone
Ensemble ClusterLAB XL da ESML
Carlos Marecos . musical direction
Clotilde Rosa (1930-2017)

Clotilde Rosa (1930-2017), composer, harpist and professor, passed away on November 24, 2017 at the age of 87. "Her creative irruption on the Portuguese musical scene is simultaneously atypical and symptomatic" - wrote Manuel Pedro Ferreira on the pages of his book “Dez Compositores Portugueses” (2007, Lisbon). Clotilde Rosa, together with Jorge Peixinho, was one of the first to bring to Portugal the experience of the famous Darmstadt Summer Courses. She awakened for composition around the age of forty five through the participation, as performer, in the Lisbon Contemporary Music Group, becoming one of the most important personalities regarding the creation and divulgation of contemporary music - she was "the Mum" for many Portuguese contemporary composers. Clotilde Rosa's catalogue includes around 110 titles (the majority of them being published by MIC.PT): chamber music works, orchestral music, an opera, a ballet and also didactic pieces; various of them still awaiting their premiere performances. In her musical language, exercising a posture of creative freedom Clotilde Rosa did not obey any established code, using freely a symbiosis of different aesthetics – from serialism to repetitive minimalism present in works with aleatoric fragments. It was the dramatic, emotional and poetical content that Clotilde Rosa always valued most in music creation.
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