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Activities of the Composers Published by the MIC.PT

The work You Should Be Blind to Watch TV (2013) for ensemble and electronics by Igor C. Silva, is included in the concert programme which will be performed by the Nemø Ensemble on October 18 at the MIRY Concert Hall (Ghent, Belgium). Two days earlier (on October 16) the percussionist Wim Pelgrims, who belongs to this collective dedicated to the performance of new experimental music, will give a recital in the context of the Smog series (Brussels) and whose programme includes the piece Gin#122 for kalimba and electronics by this composer published by the MIC.PT. Additionally, on October 19 his piece Your Trash (2016) for percussion, electronics and video will be performed by Gian Marco Medda in Berlin (Musikbrauerei); and in the beginning of the month (October 3, 4 and 6), the Múltiplensemble will give concerts in Seia, Lisbon and Vigo, with Igor C. Silva's piece Static on My Fingers (2017) for improvisers, electronic and video, in the programme.

The work Other side... (2017) for accordion by Daniel Davis, distinguished last year with the 1st Prize at the 3rd edition of the Accordion Composition Competition organised by the Folefest Association, will be premiered on October 31 at the Carlos Paredes Auditorium in Lisbon. Another work by this composer published by the MIC.PT, Stone Skipping for orchestra, composed in the framework of the LPO – Young Composers programme by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, was recorded on September 12 together with the pieces by the other participants of this programme during the 2019/20 season. The recording took place in the context of the concert (Debut Sounds) scheduled for July 6, but cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. «Stone Skipping is inspired in the tonalities of a set of chamber music works composed by Beethoven, and also by the strong attacks that characterise his 3rd Symphony» – reveals Daniel Davis.

Sangue Inverso – Quartzo (2020) is the new work for flute, clarinet, piano and violin by Jaime Reis. The piece is dedicated to Beethoven and it was premiered on September 11 in the context of the project by the Musicamera Produções, Beethoven – and his time – Bomtempo. This month it will be performed two more times, at the Teatro das Figuras in Faro and at the Culture Centre in Cascais. Additionally, on October 3, the new electroacoustic piece by this composer published by the MIC.PT, Magistri Mei – Bruckner, will be premiered at the Echoes Around Me III Festival (Vienna). This concert makes part of the presentation of the Embodied Gestures research project by Enrique Tomás and Thomas Gorbach.

In September João Pedro Oliveira has won the Grand Prize in the Double Bass and Electronic Media Category, at the ISB/ David Walter Composition Competition, for the work Bass on Fire (2020) for double bass, electronics and video. On October 17 the electroacoustic work La Mer Émeraude (2018) by this composer published by the MIC.PT, will be presented at the Contemporanea Agorà Festival (Italy), during the winners' concert at the Città di Udine Competition. Additionally, his piece Rust (2014) for viola and electronics, is included in the programme of the Splice Festival IV (University of Georgia; USA), which will be taking place between October 22 and 24.

Manuel Brásio (composer published by the MIC.PT) has won the 2nd and the Audience Prizes at the 13th International Composition Competition of Póvoa de Varzim (CICPV), for the work Ministério do Caos. The Competition's final concert by the Drumming – Percussion Group took place on September 21, at the Cine-Teatro Garrett (42nd International Music Festival of Póvoa de Varzim). Its jury – Luís Tinoco, Sara Carvalho & Jesús Rueda –, has decided to give the 1st Prize to Lucas Rei Ramos for the work As Estruturas de Solaris. This month, Manuel Brásio will participate in the presentations of the piece Quem fala assim, a multidisciplinary project by two composers (José Tiago Baptista & Manuel Brásio), joined in a performance on the sonic and artictic potential of stuttering – Aveiro, Lisbon & Porto (October 16, 17 & 23).

Isto não é um filme (2020), concerto for orchestra and electronics, is a new work by Daniel Moreira, composer published by the MIC.PT, whose world-premiere will take place on October 2 at the Casa da Música in Porto. This concert performed by the Porto Symphony Orchestra Casa da Música conducted by Baldur Brönnimann and with the Worten Digitópia responsible for the realisation of the electronics, is integrated in the Orchestra's 20th anniversary celebrations. The event's programme also includes Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony no. 5. Daniel Moreira's new work, «for reduced and sparse orchestra, following the present covid restrictions» (as the composer has revealed to the MIC.PT), gives voice to various soloists creating a dialogue between them and the orchestra.

In the end of October the São Luiz Municipal Theatre organises a Miguel Azguime's Portrait, marking the 60th anniversary celebrated by this composer in 2020. On October 22 this Lisbon theatre will host a monographic concert dedicated to Miguel Azguime's music, performed by the Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble (Sílvia Cancela [flute]; Nuno Pinto [clarinet]; Vítor Vieira [violin]; Filipe Quaresma [cello], Elsa Silva [piano] and Paula Azguime [sound design]), conducted by Pedro Neves and with the special participation of Camila Mandillo (soprano), João Dias (percussion), Miguel Azguime (speaker) and Andre Bartetzki (electronics). The programme of this concert includes six Miguel Azguime's pieces: Ícone I (1992), Trabalho Poético I: árvore (2016), Conver(say)tions (2011), De Part et d'Autre (2011), Intermezzo from the opera A Laugh to Cry (2013) and Mestre Gato ou o Gato de Botas (A PT) (2009). This event will also feature the release, by the Miso Records, of two new CD albums with the composer's music: Utopia with the works (ThS)inking Survival Kit (2010) and ConCordas (2016); and A Laugh to Cry (recording of the opera from the Warsaw Autumn 2013 Festival). Miguel Azguime's Portrait at the São Luiz will continue on October 23 with the performance of the opera Salt Itinerary (2006) by the Miso Ensemble (Miguel Azguime [composition, text and performance] & Paula Azguime [staging, sonic design, live electronics and video]). Additionally, last month the >> YouTube Channel of this composer published by the MIC.PT has been updated with three new recordings in the Score Follower format: >> Son a ta demeure (2014-15) performed by Nuno Pinto (clarinet) and Elsa Silva (piano); >> No Oculto Profuso (2009) performed by Nuno Pinto (clarinet); >> O Centro do Excêntrico do Centro do Mundo (2000-02) performed by the Singcircle, Gregory Rose (direction), Perseu Mandillo, Ágata Mandillo and Maria Sacramento Monteiro (speakers).
Portuguese Contemporary Music for Guitar

Portuguese Contemporary Music for Guitar is the project by José Teixeira and Luís Miguel Leite, in the framework of which these two guitarists will release a new CD edition with the music by various composers published by the MIC.PT – António Pinho Vargas, Fernando C. Lapa, Hugo Vasco Reis, José Mesquita Lopes, Paulo Ferreira-Lopes, Tiago Cutileiro and Vítor Rua; as well as by Carlos Gutkin, Ricardo Barceló, Sérgio Azevedo and Victor Castro. Within this project the musicians aim at valorizing Portuguese contemporary music for classical guitar by means of its effective communication with the audience, as well as in the context of the search for new instrumental techniques, encouraging innovation which arises from the dialogue between composers and performers. The composer Hugo Vasco Reis is responsible for the recording and mixing of the music on the new CD, while the mastering has been realised by António Manuel Pinheiro da Silva. This CD project has the support and partnership of the Antena 2, Rádio Vizela (Filarmonia programme), the Fafe Municipality and the Portuguese Music Research and Information Centre – MIC.PT. The CD release concert, performed by José Teixeira and Luís Miguel Leite, has been scheduled for October 10 at the Fafe Cinema-Theatre.
Music by Portuguese composers by the Múltiplensemble

On October 3 & 4, at the Casa Municipal da Cultura in Seia and Lisboa Incomum, respectively, and in the context of the DME Festival, the Múltiplensemble – Rafael Yebra (saxophone) and Pedro González (violin) –, will give two concerts dedicated to the music by Portuguese and Galician composers, including three pieces by the composers published by the MIC.PT: Ângela Lopes (A liberdade, sim, a liberdade! · premiere of the version for soprano and alto saxophones with electronics; piece originally composed soprano and alto saxophones, with a poem by Fernando Pessoa), Cândido Lima (Regalo II – um Natal de Janeiro and It Only Takes Two Minutes To... – partial premieres; Interlúdio – premiere) and Igor C. Silva (Static on my Fingers). This programme, which will also be performed on October 6 in Vigo (Spain), also includes the music by Pedro González, Ramón Otero and Dimitris Andrikopoulos.
MIC​.​PT Highlights
New Scores published by the MIC.PT

The score edition by the MIC.PT aims at distributing scores of works by Portuguese composers, making them available on-line and thus promoting the choice of Portuguese music among musicians, researchers and music programmers, the world over. Presently, the >> catalogue of scores published by the MIC.PT includes 1060 works by 66 contemporary composers residing in Portugal.

New scores published by the MIC.PT:
Christopher Bochmann (CB0127)
Quatro poemas/ Four Poems (2017) · version for soprano and piano
Manuel Brásio (MBra0003)
My Never Meeting Dream (2012) · bass clarinet and vibraphone
Pedro Rebelo (PR0012)
Ambos (2019) · saxophone and cello
3rd on-line Meeting · Portuguese Music Perspectives – Network Cooperation

The 3rd on-line Meeting · Portuguese Music Perspectives · Network Cooperation, will take place on October 6. This initiative follows the 1st and the 2nd Meetings which took place in May and September, respectively, and which gathered 40 participants – including the representatives of 27 Portugueses Entities dedicated to invention and research music, and the members of the MIC.PT Scientific Board. These Meetings, organised by the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre, have formed an informal network, whose participants discuss solutions to improve in mid and long term the situation of invention and research music in Portugal and consequently of its composers. In this sense, the participants of the 3rd Meeting will continue the discussion on the various aspects connected with the subject of «Education».
All the Entities form the area of invention and research music in Portugal, which would like to integrate this informal network and to participate in the Meetings organised by the MIC.PT, are welcome communicate their interest via e-mail: mic[at]
consola, som, luzes
October 2, 16 and 30, at 1h00 a.m.
In the 1st Person · Miguel Azguime

Música Hoje returns to the In the 1st Person cycle, with interviews to contemporary composers residing in Portugal. During these three programmes Pedro Boléo interviews Miguel Azguime, composer who this year celebrates his 60th anniversary. This interview is released in the month when the São Luiz Municipal Theatre in Lisbon hosts, on October 22, Miguel Azguime's monographic concert, anticipating a series of premieres of the composer's new works, in Portugal and abroad. In the first part of this extensive interview, we will approach Miguel Azguime's first steps in composition, the creation, together with Paula Azguime, of the Miso Ensemble – a milestone in Portuguese contemporary music of the 1980s and 90s. It will be an opportunity to listen to some of his music, but also to get to know what led Miguel Azguime towards a full-time dedication to composition and to invention and research music.
During the second part of this In the 1st Person cycle interview, Miguel Azguime approaches the evolution of his composition until today, the relation with the performers, his experiences and influences, various aspects related with music listening and how the composition has become the centre of his artistic creation. It's an opportunity to understand better his vision on music, the act of composition and his defence of meaningful art in the present time.
In the third part Miguel Azguime will tell us about his projects combining music, poetry and dramaturgy, since the first experiences in the 1990s up to the milestones in his present production – the Salt Itinerary, (ThS)inking Survival Kit or his 2013 New Op-Era project, A Laugh to Cry. The composer will approach the connections between art and modern society, where, according to Miguel Azguime, the artistic creation plays a central role.
New Books on the MIC​.​PT
Clotidle Rosa · In Memoriam 1930-2017

«A profound journey through the life of the composer and harpist, where the reader gets to know various moments and the most important phases of her path, via photo registers, testimonies and other documents.»

Edition: AvA Musical Editions
GMCL 50 · Lisbon Contemporary Music Group (1970-2020)

An edition evoking the continuous, 50-year activity of the GMCL – Lisbon Contemporary Music Group.

Edition: AvA Musical Editions
Fábio Cachão
Nunca fomos tão novos como agora · 1 Ep      >> see work
Sara Ross
Margarida                                                           >> see work
Tiago Videira
Não Sei Quantas Almas Tenho                          >> see work
3 & 4 / 09, OperaFest Lisbon, National Ancient Art Museum
Carla Simões (soprano); Mariana Sousa (mezzo-soprano); Diogo Oliveira (baritone); MPMP Ensemble; Rita Castro Blanco (direction)
Ludwig sonate
4 / 09, Aveiro_Síntese 2020, Teatro Aveirense
ars ad hoc · Leonel Andrade (viola), Pedro Vaz (cello), João Casimiro Almeida (piano)
5 / 09, National Ancient Art Museum, Lisbon
Afonso de Portugal (composer and electronics), Iguana Garcia (electro-pop), Royal Bermuda (Luso-tropicalism), Lieben (acid house techno/ electronics), Ana Seara (composer and electronics), Catarina Molder (soprano), Manuel Brás da Costa (countertenor), Rui Baeta (baritone)
Trio for horn and electronics                              >> see work
Bernardo Lima
DataBone                                                           >> see work
Uníssono                                                            >> see work
Hugo Xavier Almeida
Étude pour Flexion                                             >> see work
João Carlos Pinto
Estudo                                                                >> see work
João Carlos Pinto
Pontos                                                                >> see work
Realities                                                             >> see work
6 / 09, New Music for New Musicians, Aveiro_Síntese
Nuno Aroso (direction); Nádia Carvalho (electronics); José Gabriel Leão (flute & MIDI keyboard); Miguel Oliveira (clarinet); João Soeiro (clarinet); Pedro Rodrigues (horn); Miguel Carrondo (trumpet); André Santos (trombone); Ricardo Mano (piano & MIDI keyboard); Inês Nascimento Gonçalves (violin); Eva Grancho (viola); Carolina Correia (cello); Maria Martins (double bass); Rafael Aguiar (double bass)
Sangue Inverso – Quartzo
11 / 09, Fórum Luísa Todi, Setúbal
Taíssa Poliakova (piano), Luís Pacheco Cunha (violin), Katharine Rawdon (flute), Paulo Gaspar (clarinet)
de outras estrelas
13 / 09, Cine-Teatro Avenida, Castelo Branco
GMCL – Lisbon Contemporary Music Group; Joan Pagés (musical direction)
Lucas Rei Ramos
As estruturas de Solaris                                     >> see work
Spiralling                                                            >> see work
Ministério do Caos                                             >> see work
20 / 09, 42.º FIMPV, Cine-Teatro Garrett, Póvoa de Varzim
Drumming – Percussion Group; Miquel Bernat (musical direction)
Nuno da Rocha
25 / 09, Duke’s Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London
Sainsbury Royal Academy Soloists; Clio Gould (musical direction)
Jorge Ramos
Point of Departure
26 / 09, Young Musicians' Festival, Gulbenkian Foundation
Gulbenkian Orchestra; José Eduardo Gomes Maestro (direction)
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