Activities of the Composers Published by the MIC.PT
NOTA BENE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the initiatives disseminated in the MIC.PT October Newsletter can be subject to changes in the programming or postponements. For updated information, please visit the websites of the organising entities.
António de Sousa Dias · © Paula Azguime
António Pinho Vargas · © Miguel Manso

The Concerto for Viola (2016) by António Pinho Vargas will be performed by the violist Diet Poppen and by the Gulbenkian Orchestra conducted by José Eduardo Gomes, during the Gala Concert of the 11th Young Musicians' Festival, taking place on October 2 at the Grande Auditório of the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. The programme of this concert will also include the premiere of the winning work at the SPA/ Antena 2 Composition Prize – Apneia by João Caldas – and a to-be-announced piece performed by the winning-soloist of the Maestro Silva Pereira Prize/ Young Musician of the Year 2020/21. “One of the focuses of the four-recent works for orchestra (including the Concerto for Viola), was to unveil and follow the 'leading tone', either in the lines or in the chords. Within the patent tensions, in non-tonal music languages one can chase and search which particular note, which instrumental sound or which determined sonic mass can acquire this property of being a 'leading tone'...“ – said this composer published by the MIC.PT in the MIC.PT Interview from February 2021.
Hugo Vasco Reis · © Johannes Lins
Hugo Vasco Reis · © Johannes Lins

Three new works by Hugo Vasco Reis, composer published by the MIC.PT, will have their premiere performances this month. On October 2 the Vertixe Sonora ensemble will perform the work Sculpture for a While (2021) for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, water, sticks and stones with amplification, at the Mixtur 2021 Festival in Barcelona. The premiere of the work Num Único Acorde (2021) will take place on October 8 at the Centro de Arte Caja in Burgos (Spain). Before, this piece will be recorded by the percussionist Miquel Bernat and included in the installation by the visual artist Pedro Vaz, author of the video, the original idea and the title. Finally on October 30 Hugo Vasco Reis' work Embracing Lines (2021) for clarinet, cello and harp will be premiered by the Collegium Novum Zürich at the Tonhalle in Zurich (Switzerland). “In my opinion the music discourse is the communication between all the agents who carry it out or perceive it, as a material and immaterial phenomenon. Composers, performers and the audience” – said Hugo Vasco Reis in the Interview realised by the MIC.PT in October 2019.

This month various works by Igor C. Silva will be presented outside of Portugal. On October 15 at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, the United Instruments of Lucilin conducted by Julien Leroy will perform Igor C. Silva's music for the film O Táxi 9297 by Reinaldo Ferreira (commission: Casa da Música/ Philharmonie Luxembourg). At this cine-concert Igor C. Silva will be also responsible for the realisation of the live electronics and improvisation. On October 23, at the Korzo Theater (the Netherlands), the Ensemble Klang and Stephanie Pan will perform for the second time the new multimedia opera by this composer published by the MIC.PT, entitled Follow (commission: Gaudeamus/ Miso Music Portugal). Additionally – his new work From This Side (2021) for flexible ensemble and electronics (commission: Sonoscopia), will be presented on October 16 at the Miragaia Music Group Auditorium in Porto; the piece Your Trash (2016) for percussion, electronics and video will be performed by Aldo Aranda on October 1 at the Callejón del Ruido Festival (Mexico), by Reed Puelo on October 15 at the University of Michigan (EUA) and by Gian Marco on October 26 at the Musikbauerei (Berlin). Finally, the piece Gin#122 (2014) for kalimba and electronics will be performed by Wim Pelgrims on October 2 & 3 in Duivelsteen (the Netherlands) and on October 23, at the Transit Festival (Belgium), the Nemo Ensemble will perform the work You Should Be Blind to Watch TV (2013) for ensemble and electronics.
Jaime Reis · © Sofia Nunes
Jaime Reis · © Sofia Nunes

The programme of the 28th edition of the L'Espace du Son Festival (Brussels, Belgium) includes a Portrait-Concert dedicated to the music of Jaime Reis (composer published by the MIC.PT). In this context, six of his works will be performed on October 22 at the Théâtre Marni: Phonopolis (2003-04), Omniscience is a Collective – Part I (2009), Fluxus, Lift (2013), Jeux de l'Espace (2015), Fluxus, pas trop haut dans le ciel (2017) and Magistri Mei: Bruckner (2020). This concert will also include two works by Jaime Reis' students – Mariana Vieira (The unexpected encounter with diversity; 2021) and Marta Domingues (Yliathim; 2019). During the L'Espace du Son Festival Jaime Reis will also give a masterclass dedicated to the spatial analysis of his works. Additionally, this month the composer's electroacoustic piece Fluxus, Lift, will be presented at the concert dedicated to Portuguese acousmatic music nowadays, which will take place on October 8 in the context of the CROMA – Contemporary Music Cycle of Oeiras. Finally, Jaime Reis' piece Fluxus, Transitonial Flow, has been selected for the Ai-Maako 2021 Festival (October 7-9; Chile) and these two composer's new publications have been recently released: Exploring polyphony in spatial patterns in acousmatic music, a chapter of the book Embodied Gestures (TU Wien Academic Press); and the essay The (idiomatic) piano in the structure and as a structural element in (my) music in the Aspekty Muzyki 2021 journal (Academy of Music, Gdańsk, Poland).
Pedro Rebelo
João Castro Pinto · © Michael Wieser

On October 3, the online radio/ platform, whose programming makes part of 12 FM radios including the Resonance 104.04 FM (the UK), will broadcast a radio programme realised by João Castro Pinto, entitled Soundscape Composition: between mimesis & abstraction, and dedicated to the composition of soundscapes. Founded in 2002 and managed by Patrick McGinley, is one of the oldest global radio platforms dedicated to the art of field recording, phonography, etc. Additionally, the Eufonia = Sound/ Art + Science Festival has commissioned a new piece to João Castro Pinto – a soundwalk integrating the set of virtual proposals, which, apart from nine installations, will make part of the Sonic Circuits 2021 programme. This event will take place online between October 22 and 24. The virtual soundwalk by this composer published by the MIC.PT will be created from sounds captured in the area of the Martim Moniz Square in Lisbon. Finally, the electroacoustic poetry piece Hiante, published on a CD-book by the Helvética Grimaces Éditions, with illustrations, poems and voice of Sofia A. Carvalho, as well as music and illustrations by João Castro Pinto, has been selected for exhibition and sale at the BOOKED – Artists’ Book Fair, taking place between October 1 and 9 in Helsinki (Finland). In this context, Hiante, which was released in 2019 at the O'culto da Ajuda in Lisbon, has been selected for the Fair within an international competition which had 140 submissions.

Two new works by João Pedro Oliveira, composer published by the MIC.PT, will be premiered in October. The first one, Absence-Mémoire (2021) for cello, piano and electronics is a commission by the Duo Sigma (Miguel Rocha [cello] and Ana Cláudia Assis [piano]) for the project Mémoire... Miroir: the music by Jorge Peixinho reflected in the cello and piano repertoire. The premiere of this work will take place during the Duo's tour in Portugal: October 12 & 13 – Seia, October 14 – Viseu, October 15 – Vila do Conde, October 18 – Óbidos and October 21 – Lisbon. The second piece to be premiered, Coalescence (visual music; 2021), will be presented on October 15 at the Corwin Concert Series (UC Santa Barbara; USA) and at the L'Espace du Son Festival on October 23 (Belgium). Additionally – the work In Tempore (2000) will be performed at the Timucua Arts White House (Florida, USA), in the context of the Contemporary Art Music Project; the pieces Dark Energy (2018) and Things I Have Seen in My Dreams (2019) make part of the SIMN 2021 Festival's programme (Curitiba, Brazil; October 4-7); the piece Storms (2018) has been selected for the Ai-Maako 2021 Festival (Chile; October 7-9); the work Kontrol (2019) will be performed on October 16 at the Seoul International Computer Music Festival; and the work City Walk (2021) makes part of the concert by Nuno Aroso (percussion) and João Reis (staging), A Fog Machine e outros Poemas para o teu regresso (Aveiro, Coimbra & Castelo Branco – October 22, 28 & 30).
Miguel Azguime · © Adam Walanus
Miguel Azguime · © Adam Walanus

On October 7 the Casa da Música in Porto will host a monographic concert dedicated to the music of Miguel Azguime, performed by the Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble (Sílvia Cancela [flute]; Nuno Pinto [clarinet]; Vítor Vieira [violin]; Filipe Quaresma [cello], Elsa Silva [piano] and Paula Azguime [sound design]). The concert, which will also include the participation of João Dias (percussion) and Camila Mandillo (soprano), will be conducted by Pedro Neves. It will present the 20 years of Miguel Azguime's creative work, including some of his chamber works and showcasing his multifaceted activity as performer, composer and poet. In this sense the concert's programme includes five works by this composer published by the MIC.PT: Ícone I (1992) for wooden barrel and ladder; Intermezzo A Laugh from the opera A Laugh to Cry (2013) for soprano and piano; D’un Horizon Tendu (2019) for violin, clarinet, piano and percussion; Trabalho Poético I: árvore (2016) for soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello; and De Part et d'Autre (2011) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and electronics. Additionally, Miguel Azguime's electroacoustic piece she being Brand (2014) will be presented on October 8 in the context of the CROMA – Contemporary Music Cycle of Oeiras, organised by the APC – Portuguese Composers' Association.

This month Patrícia Sucena de Almeida, composer published by the MIC.PT, photographer and multidisciplinary artist, who's particularly interested in the transversality between various arts, participates in the collective exhibition Admirável Mundo Novo (Brave New World), where she'll present two individual projects and be involved in two collective ones. The exhibition will take place on October 9 at the Porcelain Society in Coimbra. In these projects Patrícia Sucena de Almeida transversally combines the photography/ space and the sculpture/ mechanisms/ sound/ space. The exhibition is organised by the Pescada n.º 5 Group and the Há Baixa Association, being constituted by a safe, profusely illuminated, one-way, 500-meter path, with 45 stopping points at various pavilions: installation, video, sculpture, picture, painting, photography and music performances.

On October 2 at the Main Hall of the Teatro Aveirense, Vítor Rua, together with the director Edgar Pêra, will give a performance in the context of the cine-concert, Aveiro Revisited. Since the beginning of the 1990s this director has been organising cine-concerts in dialogue with other musicians and actors on stage. In Aveiro Edgar Pêra will be creating live filme footage in dialogue with the performer, musician and composer published by the MIC.PT Vítor Rua, while the VJammer and stereographer Claudio Vasques will be manipulating the images, mixing them with pre-edited films constituted by cine-diaries filmed in Aveiro by Edgar Pêra during various years, as well as with other films form the city's historic archives. “Since I'm both an improviser and composer, there's the constant ping-pong between these two complementary activities – said Vítor Rua in the MIC.PT Interveiw from December 2016.
Borealis Ensemble

In the context of the project Música Nova para Instrumentos Antigos (New Music for Old Instruments), on October 2 & 3 (Armazém 22 – Vila Nova de Gaia & Casa de Mateus – Vila Real), the Borealis Ensemble (António Carrilho [recorders] & Helena Marinho [pianoforte]) will give two concerts with the music by the four composers published by the MIC.PT in the programme: António Chagas Rosa, Cândido Lima, Daniel Schvetz & Sara Carvalho; as well as with the music by Eurico Carrapatoso, Vasco Negreiros, Carl Czerny, C. P. E. Bach J. C. F. Bach & J. S. Bach. The project Música Nova para Instrumentos Antigos aims at showing how it's possible to reinvent and deconstruct some common notions on the organologic limitations of some instruments, through the confrontation between the historical repertoire and contemporary creations. It offers a dialogue between 18th and 19th-century works and pieces by contemporary Portuguese composers, many of them composed for the Borealis Ensemble.
CROMA · Contemporary Music Cycle of Oeiras

Croma – Contemporary Music Cycle of Oeiras is an initiative organised by the APC – Portuguese Association of Composers, whose first edition will take place between October 2 and 10, presenting a programme dedicated to some of the main music avant-garde formations, and aiming at broadening the horizons and boarders in the relation between the contemporary composers and the audience of today. On October 2, as the Cycle's forerun, the Croma organises the Seminar Boas Práticas em Criação Musical (Good Practice in Music Creation), with presentations and discussion panels on the sector's problems, directed to composers of all music-composition areas. The Croma's concerts, which will take place between October 6 and 10, will include in their programmes the music by various composers published by the MIC.PT, including: Ângela da Ponte, António de Sousa Dias, Eduardo Luís Patriarca (premiere), Jaime Reis, João Pedro Oliveira, João Quinteiro, Jorge Peixinho, Ka'mi & Miguel Azguime; as well as pieces by: Álvaro Salazar, Emmanuel Nunes, Eurico Carrapatoso, Fernando Lopes-Graça, Luís Neto da Costa (premiere), Mariana Vieira, Marta Domingues, Telmo Marques & Virgílio Melo. Each concert will be preceded with a Round Table with the participation of the composers, as well as the musicians and the ensembles performing the music at Croma: the Matosinhos String Quartet, Lisbon Contemporary Music Group, Vertixe Sonora & Lisbon Ensemble 20/21. Additionally, the Croma's programme will include Open Rehearsals, a Concert by the Students from the Ourearte – Music and Arts School in Ourém and the Music Academy in Chaves, who will perform the music by Christopher Bochmann (premiere), João Quinteiro (premiere) & Igor C. Silva (composers published by the MIC.PT); as well as a Masterclass conducted by Pierluigi Billone (October 8-10).
Duo Sigma

Resuming its in-person activities in 2021, the Duo Sigma, formed by Miguel Rocha (cello) and Ana Cláudia Assis (piano), will be on tour between October and November, around various Portuguese cities. The tour's programme will include premieres of works by various composers published by the MIC.PT: Carlos Marecos (O Carro de Jorge Peixinho, cello & piano, and O Aprendiz de Novos Sons, cello, piano & electronics), Bruno Gabirro (12 breves pensamentos em arco, cello, piano & electronics), Christopher Bochmann (Arietta, cello & piano), Miguel Azguime (Lettre à l’être imbu, cello & piano), João Pedro Oliveira (Absence...mémoire, cello, piano & electronics), Eduardo Luís Patriarca (...suddenly, this silence..., cello & piano) and José Carlos Sousa (15 Unu Sonu, cello & piano); as well as premieres of works by: Andreia Pinto-Correia (Tantalus, cello & piano) and Mariana Vieira (Dual, cello & piano). These works have been commissioned by the Duo Sigma in the context of the two projects: Mémoire... Miroir: the music of Jorge Peixinho reflected in the cello-and-piano repertoire (DGArtes) and O Aprendiz de Novos Sons (The Apprentice of New Sounds) (GDA). This month the Duo-Sigma concerts will take place at the following venues: Music Conservatoire and the House of Culture in Seia (October 12 & 13), Music Conservatoire in Viseu (October 14), Music Conservatoire in Vila do Conde (October 15), Music Academy in Óbidos (October 18) and the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra (October 21).

On October 7, 8 & 9 (Croma – Carnaxide, Montijo & Lisbon) the Lisbon Contemporary Music Group conducted by Rui Pinheiro will perform the finalist works of the 5th Jorge Peixinho International Composition Competition, whose jury is constituted by: Ivan Fedele, Gerhard Staebler; João Madureira, Carlos Caires & Jaime Reis (composers published by the MIC.PT); as well as Jorge Sá Machado & Ada Gentile. Additionally, on October 16 & 17 the GMCL under the baton of Adriano Martinolli d’Arci will give two concerts in Trieste and Castelnovo ne’ Monti (Italy). Their programme entitled Fiume del Tempo, will include works by the three composers published by the MIC.PT: Clotilde Rosa, João Madureira & Jorge Peixinho; as well as the music by Eurico Carrapatoso & Giampaolo Coral. Lastly, on October 29, 30 & 31 (Badajoz, Elvas & Alcobaça) the GMCL conducted by Rui Pinheiro will present the programme Rio do Tempo – Encomendas (4), with three premiere performances of the works: um sol mais sol que o sol (2021) by Carlos Marecos (composer published by the MIC.PT), Os ingleses fumam cachimbo (2021) by Alexandre Delgado & Fantasia para Clarinete Baixo e Ensemble (2021) by Anne Victorino d’Almeida; as well as with the music by Jorge Peixinho & Luciano Berio.
RIZOMA · Presentation
logo · riZoma
riZoma · Portuguese Platform for Intervention and Research in New Music is a network formed by a wide range of active Portuguese entities, connected with the creation, education, performance and research, with broad experience in the context of contemporary classical music. The riZoma Platform was created to establish the dialogue and articulation between these entities and to allow them to speak in one voice with the audiences and trusteeship, emphasising the effort perpetrated by many and creating a new force settled on the priceless value which the contemporary classical music cerated in Portugal has for the country's cultural identity.
RIZOMA · Calendar
logo · riZoma
logo · riZoma
The riZoma online Calendar constitutes an indispensable source of diffusion and information on the Portuguese-classical-contemporary-music sector, joining and revealing all the activities organised and promoted by each of the riZoma entities and thus evidencing the sector's richness.
Invention & Research Music
imagem ilustrativa
· 1 and 15 / 10 · 1h00 · Antena 2 ·
At First Hand: Rui Penha

The Research and Invention Music radio broadcast continues the cycle At First Hand, giving the word to the composers and challenging them to analyse some of their works. The proposal is to allow us to “dive into” the creative universe of the ones who write music, and thus to understand how the composers conceive and work the sonic materials and the music forms, until reaching the final work. During these two programmes the composer Rui Penha will present us two of his works: pendulum (2012), for flute, bass clarinet, piano, violin, cello, electronics and video; and 3 quadros sobre o fado (2013), revealing some of the processes, materials and ideas that led to the final result, based on some of the metric, melodic and harmonic characteristics of fado. Rui Penha, who's also professor and researcher, has been particularly interested in the relations between music and technology, either within software programming or developing new music-expression interfaces.
radio tower
imagem ilustrativa
· 29 / 10 · 1h00 · Antena 2 ·
Música Viva 2021 Festival (1)

During this Research and Invention Music radio programme, dedicated to the Música Viva 2021 Festival, Pedro Boléo will be talking to Miguel Azguime, the festival’s director. This year the Música Viva will be taking place between November 6 and 20 at the O’culto da Ajuda in Lisbon. Since the very beginning this festival, which’s already in its 27th edition, has been dedicated to the promotion, dissemination, and performance of the music of our time. The interview will be accompanied with music pieces by contemporary Portuguese composers, showing the vitality of the contemporary research-and-invention music.
New Scores on the MIC​.​PT
illustrative image
The score edition by the MIC.PT aims at distributing scores of works by Portuguese composers, making them available online and thus promoting the choice of Portuguese music among musicians & researchers.

Ângela da Ponte (APon0010)
Untitled#2 (2021) · instrumental ensemble and electronics
Eli Camargo Júnior (ECamJr0001)
Music With Dance Inside (2021) · saxophone sextet

Gerson Batista (GBat0001)
Quem Chama? (2021) · SATB mixed choir *
* Winning work · 3rd Manuel Emílio Porto National Choral Composition Competition · Cat. Mixed Choir
New CDs on the MIC​.​PT
Capa · Luiz de Freitas Branco · Sonatas
Ed.: 7 Mountain Records
Maat Saxophone Quartet

Works by Ramin Amin Tafreshi, Nuno Lobo, Guillermo Lago & Isaac Albéniz; Daniel Ferreira (soprano saxophone), Catarina Gomes (alto saxophone), Pedro Silva (tenor saxophone), Mafalda Oliveira (baritone saxophone).
Recent Premieres
Até que a Morte nos Separe>> see work
3 e 4 / 09, OperaFest Lisboa 2020, MNAA Garden, Lisbon
Mariana de Sousa (Pat), Christian Luján (Tom), Célia Teixeira (Emilie), Jorge Leiria (Mike & John), MPMP Ensemble, Jan Wierzba (direction)
8 / 09, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Stephanie Pan & Ensemble Klang
Carlos Lopes
Myoclonus>> see work
10 e 11 / 09, Emerging Talents, O'culto da Ajuda, Lisbon
Touchez: Paulo Amendoeira, João Calado, João Brito (percussion); Carlos Lopes (electronics)
Érica Liane
Oceano Pacífico>> see work
Hugo Xavier
Ignomínia>> see work
Luís Mandacaru
15 / 09,CGD Auditorium, ISEG, Lisbon
O concílio celeste>> see work
Francisco Fontes
Maria Magola>> see work
Sara Ross
IN(opeRA)VEL>> see work
Oráculos e Ladainhas>> see work
18 / 09, FIO – Informal Opera Festival, Braga
Jan Wierzba (direction); Nataliya Stepanska, Ana Maria Pinto, Tiago Matos, Miguel Maduro Dias (singers); Miguel Teixeira e Afonso Palha (flute), Paulo Martins (clarinet), Nuno Matos (horn), José Nascimento & Matilde Loureiro (violin), Victor Castro & João Miguel Braga Simões (percussion), Teresa Barros Pereira Romão (harp), José Diogo Martins (piano & synthesizers)
inTrailsout>> see work
From this side>> see work
José Alberto Gomes
Entre Lordelo e Foz>> see work
o pé descalço da Corujeira, e um eco de qualquer coisa
que se foi
>> see work
18 / 09, Nun'Álvares Campanhã Association, Porto
Clara Saleiro (flute); Frederic Cardoso (clarinet); João Dias (percussion); Carina Albuquerque (cello)
19 / 09, Lisboa Soa, São Jorge Castle, Lisbon
electroacoustic work · soundscape
Le jardin d’une femme>> see work
A cidade improvável>> see work
Neumas – Pássaros invisíveis>> see work
Gerson Batista
EstRatiFicAçÕes>> see work
As cidades e o céu>> see work
imponderabilia>> see work
23 / 09, Gaia Conservatoire, Vila Nova de Gaia
24 / 09, Dr José de Azeredo Perdigão Conservatoire, Viseu
Performa Ensemble: Belquior Marques (guitar), Helena Marinho (piano), Henrique Portovedo (saxophones), Jorge Salgado Correia (flutes), Luís Bittencourt (percussion)
Luís Cardoso
In Paradisum – Nam qui morietur solus>> see work
23 e 25 / 09, Caldas da Rainha and Águeda
A Vida é Sempre Preferível, ou o monólogo do sal para lhe completar a medida (versão A)>> see work
24 / 09, Teatro da Rainha, Caldas da Rainha
25 / 09, O'culto da Ajuda, Lisbon
Miguel Azguime (music and text composition, voice, live electronics); Paula Azguime (sound diffusion)
O Lado Oculto da Lua>> see work
29 / 09, Gil Vicente Academic Theatre, Coimbra
University-of-Coimbra Academic Orchestra; André Granjo & Jan Wierzba (direction)
MIC​.​PT Highlights

In September the New Music Review Lounge has published a new text (in Portuguese) by Pedro M. Santos, dedicated to the 1st edition of FIO – Informal Opera Festival, an initiative by the Sinfonietta-de-Braga Music Association, which happened on September 18 at various venues around Braga: Gnration, Nogueira da Silva Museum, Medieval Hall of the University-of-Minho Rectory & the Biscainhos Museum. The FIO aims at «challenging the traditional opera concepts» and «creating spaces for dialogue between creations, audience & artists». The FIO's 1st edition included the premiere of four new operas: IN(opeRA)VEL by Sara Ross, Tiago Schwäbl, Joana Providência; O concílio celeste by Fátima Fonte, Patrícia Portela, Sónia Baptista; Oráculos e Ladainhas by Sofia Sousa Rocha, Tiago Schwäbl, António Torres; and Maria Magola by Francisco Fontes, Marta Pais de Oliveira, Daniela Cruz.
logo riZoma · project: Paulo Freitas
riZoma logo · project: Paulo Freitas

In October the founding entities of the riZoma – Portuguese Platform for Intervention and Research in New Music, will meet in the context of the 9th online Meeting, to define the next steps within the development of this new network, which intends to foment the approximation with the audience, to stimulate a critical mass for intervention, to create dialogue with the trusteeship and to defend the richness and vitality of the contemporary-classical-music creation and practice. All the entities from the contemporary-classical-music area in Portugal, which would like to integrate the riZoma, can communicate their interest via the following e-mail:
Featured News
Sond'Ar-te · © Perseu Mandillo
illustrative image
Young Musicians' Festival 2021

The 11th edition of the Young Musicians' Festival, closing the 34th edition of the PJM – Young Musicians' Award, is taking place until October 2 at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. This PJM edition has joined various candidates from the two consecutive years: the ones who applied last year, but didn't compete due to the pandemic, and the ones who applied this year. The Festival, organised and presented by the Antena 2 in partnership with the Gulbenkian Foundation, is constituted by various concerts focused on the different PJM laureates. At the the Festival's Gala Concert which will take place on October 2, the winner of the Maestro Silva Pereira Award/ Young Musician of the Year 2020/21 will perform the work with which he or she applied for the PJM, accompanied by the Gulbenkian Orchestra under the baton of José Eduardo Gomes. The concert's programme also includes the world-premiere of the work Apneia by João Caldas, winner of the SPA/ Antena 2 Composition Award 2021, as well as the Concerto for Viola (2016) by António Pinho Vargas, performed by the violist Diemut Poppen. The artistic director of the Festival and the PJM Award is the composer Luís Tinoco.
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