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José Mesquita Lopes was born on 25th December 1960 in Lisboa, Portugal. Among others he studied composition with C. Bochmann, C. Capdeville, E. Nunes, C. Lima J. P. Oliveira, J. Carlos Buonacorso, R. Perez, A. Sousa Dias, A. Vasques Dias, Sérgio Azevedo and Leo Brouwer. He attended and participated in courses/summits done by Leo Brouwer (94, 98 and 2001), Karlheinz Stockhausen, Elliott Carter (1992), Reginald Smith Brindle (1983) and Claude Henry Joubert (1995). In 2003 he finished his degree in Composition in Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, where he obtained the mark of 20 values in his Final Project Course Reflexões sobre a Importância da Análise na Interpretação Musical. Since 2015 he his a PhD by the Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal), have being approved by unanimity with distinction cum laude by the jury. The theme his A Música Contemporânea Portuguesa para Guitarra de 1983 a 2008. He was mastered by the professors Paulo Vaz de Carvalho and Christopher Bochmann with a scholarship by the FCT Foundation. He studied guitar at the Academia de Amadores de Música de Lisboa where he finished his superior degree in 1987 with distinction in the class of the professor Paulo Valente Pereira. Later, in 1991, he had particular lessons with Christopher Lyall (1991). Between 1984 -1986, Mr. Mesquita held a scholarship in the Caloust Gulbenkian Foundation. He attended several courses with Alberto Ponce, José Luís Gonzalez, Leo Brouwer, Abel Carlevaro, Roland Dyens, Alírio Diaz and Piñero Nagy. Since late 2009 he started a series of concert/conferences about Portuguese and foreign contemporary music for guitar at several Universities, Conservatoires, Academies and Festivals. Mr. Mesquita won several prizes in composition and guitar contests. Among them the 1st prize in the JMP Luso-Espanhol in 1986, the 1st prize in the first Hispano-Luso I Composition Contest for guitar ‘Ciudad de Badajoz’ (2006), ACAV – Aveiro (1987), Luís de Freitas Branco – Conselho Português da Música (1991), Joly Braga Santos – CML (1995) and JMP (1988). He wrote solo works, chamber music both vocal and instrumental, orchestral, concertant, for ballet and for and with electroacoustics. Recently in 2013 on demand of the Festival Música em Leiria was premiered his work for Brass Ensemble, Choir, Percussion and Electroacoustics A Natureza, o Povo e o Espaço. His works are being edited by Ava Musical Editions and by MIC.PT (on-line). He also has works edited by JMP and Ayuntamiento de Badajoz/Pro Musica Badajoz (Spain). Has a concertist he has premiéred portuguese guitar pieces by Carlos Gomes, Pedro Figueiredo, Hugo Ribeiro, Isabel Soveral, C. Bochmann and José Mesquita Lopes and has recorded several CDs, DVD an Cassets. Mr. Mesquita teaches guitar and chamber music at ISEIT – Almada’s Universitaire Institut, where he is the Coordinator of Teaching Music Master Degree, at Conservatório de Artes do Orfeão de Leiria and at Conservatório de Música D. Dinis de Odivelas. Since 2013 he is a member of the Unidade de Investigação de Música e Musicologia (UniMem) from Universidades de Évora and Aveiro and since 2015 of the CESEM from Universidade Nova (Lisboa).
Since September 1st, 2023, he began teaching at UA (DeCA) as a Guest Assistant Professor the subjects of Guitar, Literature and Technique (Analysis for Interpreters and Reading) I, II and III (Bachelor's Degree) and Specific Didactics (Master's Degree).

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