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Jorge Lima Barreto was born in Vinhais in 1949. He began playing as an autodidactt piano and organ, in childhood. Later, as he was attending the course of Historical and Philosophical Sciences (Faculty of Arts, University of Porto) he joined the Portuguese Musical Youth. In 1973 he graduated in Art History with a thesis entitled "Structure-examination of a work of art" and his academic career culminated in 2010 with the PhD degree in Communication Sciences, specialization in Communication and Culture with a thesis entitled "Aesthetics of Musical Communication - the Improvisation, "presented to the New University of Lisbon (Universidade Nova de Lisboa). Pianist, musicologist and performer, Jorge Lima Barreto bequeathed u a compelling production of writings about music, as the result of his activity as journalist, critic and lecturer. As performer, his extensive discography speaks for itself: JorgeLima Barreto was the forerunner of several musical grammars in Portugal and always tried to keep abreast of technological developments in the field of music, blurring the boundaries between classical, experimental and popular music. He was the founding element of Anard Band (1972) along with Rui Reininho and in 1982 he founded along with Victor Rua, the Telectu, long-lasting project that incorporated musical elements of jazz,electronic, minimalism and musique concrete. More recently, Jorge Lima Barreto devoted himself to a new project named Zelub Zul, which founded with Jonas Rune - Ph.D. in electronic music - with the purpose of playing an "open music, withinflections of jazz avant-garde, improvised music with electronic wrapping ".