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Daniel Schvetz was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1955. His journey in the universe of sound as a performer and a composer started from his early relationship with the piano.

He took piano and composition courses at the López Bouchardo National Conservatory and at the Buenos Aires Catholic University. He worked with famous masters such as Roberto Brando and Moisés Makaroff (piano), Guillermo Graetzer (counterpoint and composition) and Femina Cassanova (harmony).

He participated in the Latin-American course of contemporary music and in the electroacoustics courses at the Ricardo Rojas University.

Daniel Schvetz travelled to all countries of South America, especially to the interior of Argentina, Bolivia and Peru, with the purpose of studying the characteristics of local cultures, interpreting his own repertoire and that of Argentinean and Latin-American composers.

He founded the groups El Borde (1989) and Ophris (1991).

He participated as a composer in several theatre plays, having composed music for many Spanish speaking poets, namely Federico García Lorca and Jorge Luís Borges, not to mention Neruda, César Vallejo and others. The Portuguese speaking ones for whom he composed were Fernando Pessoa and Vitorino Nemésio in particular.

He also composed music for different chamber ensembles, solo piano, choir and orchestra, having written three sinfoniettas, a triple concerto and a chord piano concertino. He lectured at the Musicians Union and at the Danzas National School Nº2 in Buenos Aires. He is presently a teacher at the Music School of Lisbon's National Conservatory, at the Tomar Regional Conservatory and at the Santarém Music School. EXTERNAl LINK MySpace