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Well known for his energetic and virtuoso playing, António Carrilho’s large concert experience has brought him to give concerts all over the world with different ensembles and orchestras, both in old music and in modern programs, performing as a soloist as well as a chamber music player.
Mr. Carrilho develops an intense career as a soloist in a repertory that spans from the Middle Age to our days. He featured playing with the Gulbenkian Orchestra; Sinfónica Portuguesa; Orchestrutópica; Lisbon Symphonietta; Cascais and Oeiras Chamber Orchestra; Concerto Ballabille; Divino Sospiro; Megalos Kameni & Co.; The Hague Royal Conservatory Orchestra — Netherlands, Belgium and Germany — various Norwegian orchestras, and with the Baroque Orchestra of Haifa (Israel).
He collaborated with the following maestros: Sigiswald Kuijken, Lucas Pfaff, Jeppe Moulijn, Christoph Rousset, João Paulo Santos, Nicholas Kranmer, Kenneth Weiss, Paulo Lourenço, Cesário Costa; Harry Christophers, Enrico Onofri, Christian Curnyn, Joana Carneiro, António Vassalo Lourenço, Gunnstein Òlafson, Osvaldo Ferreira, Nicolay Lalov and Vasco Pearce Azevedo.
Many composers have written chamber music and concertos pieces for him. Notably, Jacques Bank and Annette Kruisbrink (The Netherlands); Myriam Marbe (Romania); António Chagas Rosa, Nuno Côrte-Real, Eurico Carrapatoso, Sérgio Azevedo, João Madureira, Pedro Junqueira Maia, Ângela Lopes, Luis Tinoco, Cândido Lima, Virgílio Melo, Álvaro Salazar, José Júlio Lopes, Vasco Mendonça and Clotilde Rosa (Portugal); Ivan Moody (United Kingdom), Bjarne Isaksen and Bernt Simen Lund (Norway), Hanne Ørvad (Denmark), Etienne Rolin (France) and Dimitri Nicolau and Calliope Tsoupaki (Greece).
António Carrilho works regularly with baroque orchestras and instrumental/vocal ensembles, contemporary ensembles and world music groups (La Paix du Parnasse – Madrid / La Nave va, Melleos ensemble, Barbacute – Lisboa / La Basse Discontinue – Bruxelas / Ciudate – Amsterdam). He integrates duos with the accordion player Bruno Maurice (France), fortepianist Helena Marinho (Portugal) and tiorbist Rafael Bonavita (Uruguai / Spain).
He is currently involved in several recordings of Portuguese contemporary works for recorder by the portuguese composers: Cândido Lima, Ângela Lopes, Pedro Junqueira Maia, Álvaro Salazar, Virgílio Melo and Clotilde Rosa.
He has recorded music by Eurico Carrapatoso Magnificat em Talha Dourada, Virgilio Melo Remember, Jacques Bank Een taaie winter, Sérgio Azevedo's Suite Concertante for recorder and string orchestra, renaissance Portuguese music with the Gulbenkian Choir, David Perez’ Concerto for recorder and orquestra with Ensemble Barroco do Chiado and Selma y Salaverde works with Anthonello (Japan). Future recording projects include a solo Portuguese contemporary recital, a Piazzolla debut and a DVD of Sérgio Azevedo’s Suite Concertante for recorder and string orchestra.
As a conductor he has been traveling a path connected with baroque vocal music. He directed the following operas: L’Orfeo by Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643), Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell (1659-1695), La descente d’Órphée aux Enfers by Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643-1704), La Dirindina by Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) and Arlechinatta by Antonio Salieri (1750-1825), La Serva Padrona by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710-1736), Don Quijotte chez la Duchesse by Joseph Bodin de Boismortier (1689 - 1755). In contemporary music he directed works by Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007), Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992), Paul Hindemith (1895-1963) and Daniel Schvetz (1955).
António Carrilho has given masterclasses in Portugal, Italy, India, France and the Netherlands.
He teaches recorder, chamber music and performance practice at Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas (Music University in Castelo Branco – Portugal).
He performs regularly throughout the world in music festivals and concert halls.