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Gonçalo Lourenço was born is Lisbon in 1979. He graduated in Psychology from Lusófona University and in 2001 finished his course at the Setúbal Regional Conservatory. He presently attends the Composition Course at Lisbon’s Higher School of Music, where he is a student of Christopher Bochmann and Sérgio Azevedo. He is a member of the Luísa Todi Choir Group, where he composed some choir and orchestra harmonizations from the Regina Caeli Choir and the Dezstaccato Choir. He directs since 2004 the Odyssea Choir and the Lusófona University Choir. He has been participating in several Choral Conduction courses, among which those included in the First Luísa Todi Vocal Music International Competition (1998) and in the Aveiro Vocal Music Courses (from 1999 to the present). As a composer he participated in the “2001 Musical Afternoons at the Setúbal Regional Conservatory” and in the “Fresh Pieces” Event that took place in Lisbon’s National Conservatory. Some of his pieces were premiered at the Terrace bar of Belém Cultural Centre. He also attended the first and second Gulbenkian Orchestra Workshops for Young Composers, where he worked with Emmanuel Nunes and Guillaume Bourgogne. Two of his pieces were performed by the Gulbenkian Orchestra. He composed the soundtrack for the films Pestes ao Ataque, Círculo Mágico and Com Tradição. Some of his pieces have been performed abroad, namely Ça Va, premiered in Iceland by the Young Musicians Orchestra, directed by Gunnsteinn Olafsson; Dunego, performed in Brazil by guitarist Rodrigo Rios; and 4 Motetos de Natal (Four Christmas Motets), performed in the USA by the Mastersinger Choir of Ohio, directed by J.D. Goddard.