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(John Manuel Marques Carrilho, n . Lisbon, 14 Nov. 1981) Composer, Musicologist & Improviser (computer, kyma x, supercollider, max/msp, piano, violin, khomus, electronic multi -instrumentalist). He studied Physics and Mathematics at the Instituto Superior Técnico, and simultaneously attended the violin course with Leonor de Sousa Prado. He has a degree in Sonology (Composition, Research and Performance of Electronic Music) by the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (the Netherlands), with composition teachers G.M. Koenig , Konrad Boehmer and Clarence Barlow . He is currently finishing a PhD in computer music in Portugal, with thesis Aesthetics of Computer Music: Unrealized Musical Energy (School of Arts of the Catholic University of Porto, Portugal). He created, with Jorge Lima Barreto, the duo Zul Zelub in 2007, an experimentalist conceptual proposal for piano and computer music, inspired by a philosophy of music theory invented by both: the unrealized musical energy. Relying on open form, indeterminacy, intuition and improvisation, this conceptual field explores all that precedes musical creation, all expenses of creative energy that has not yet found concrete materialization. This approach is the conceptual foundation of both the first album of Zul Zelub (edited by Clean Feed), and the second – Ultimaton – (edited by Plancton Music). Zul Zelub held concerts in major national halls (e.g. Culturgest, Casa da Música) with internationally renowned musicians in the world of new improvised music, total improvisation or free music, as Jac Berrocal and Eddie Prévost. The concerts often included multimedia components, either in video art (e.g. Om by António Palolo ), slideshow or performance. Jonas Runa performed several concerts with the musician, philosopher and shaman, Spiridon Shishigin, one of the world's greatest virtuosos khomus (jew’s harp), and he was appointed representative of the khomus music in Portugal. He composed music for traditional orchestral instruments, with or without electronics, but also for unconventional instruments (e.g. Sagres, for 8 whistles and Kyma, a piece presented on the ship Sagres, on the day of its 75th anniversary). He uses Kyma X – an instrument which is both hardware and software – and one of the most advanced sound programming languages available today. He composed original music and invented software for performances of contemporary dance, including three works by the choreographer Clara Andermatt: Dez Mil Seres, Fica no Singelo, and Dance, Bailarina, Dance!, the latter performed by the Companhia Nacional de Bailado. In 2013, he performed two concerts at the Venice Biennale, at the invitation of the artist Joana Vasconcelos: 1) Jonas Runa Cosmic Ensemble (Eddie Prévost + Jonas Runa + Spiridon Shishigin + Jin Hi Kim); 2) Robot Solo with Orchestra (using the orchestra of robots by the Logos Foundation, Belgium). He has published articles in Portuguese journals (e.g.: Revista Atântida, Entre as Artes e as Letras), and has lectured in prominent cultural events (e.g. Venice Biennale 2013), and European centers for the study of electronic music (e.g. Institute of Sonology, the Hague, the Netherlands, Scuola di Musica Elletronica, Benedetto Marcello Conservatory, Venice, Italy, the School of Arts, Catholic University of Porto, Portugal). EXTERNAL LINKS SoundCloud