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Ensemble JER is a group of artist-musicians, who are especially formed to play a repertoire for toy instruments, instrumental music and musical theatre. The group was founded and is directed by José Eduardo Rocha (JER).
The Ensemble’s repertoire consists of various instrumental pieces and musical theatre pieces by JER (original pieces and adaptations), although it also includes pieces which other composers have written for the characteristic panoply of instruments played by the group.
Since its inception in 1990, the Ensemble JER – which has a variable formation and works with guest artists – has performed more than 200 shows in Portugal, Spain and Germany, notably concerts (with various programmes) and more substantial musical theatre pieces, including: A Saga da Formiga (The Saga of the Ant), Volkswagner, Football, Nautical Symphony, Missa l’Homme Armé, A Clockwork Orange, Cozido à Portuguesa, Promenade Concert, Aos Peixes, A Conquista do Oeste ('How the West Was Won') and Cabaret Vicente.
The group has undertaken noteworthy performances at the following locations, among others: several Mediterranean Biennials, Lagos Cultural Centre, Gil Vicente Theatre, Cinearte Theatre, Belém Cultural Centre, Jerónimos Monastery, Culturgest, Monumental Theatre, Orfeão de Leiria, Maria Matos Theatre, Rivoli Theatre, Expo 98, ZDB Gallery, Faro Conservatory, Lisbon Cathedral, Garcia de Resende Theatre, Fábrica da Pólvora, Hannover Expo 2000, Santa Maria da Feira Municipal Library, São João National Theatre, Recreios da Amadora, Caldas da Rainha Theatre, Malhoa Museum, Sines Arts Centre, Square of the São Carlos National Theatre, D. Maria II National Theatre, Malaposta Cultural Centre, Miguel Franco Theatre, Manuel de Brito Art Centre, Trindade Theatre, Gil Eannes Ship, Music Museum, Torres Vedras Theatre, Portugal Pavilion, Travessa da Ermida and São Luiz Municipal Theatre.
The Group has also participated in recordings for theatre, cinema, radio, television and disc.