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MISO ENSEMBLE is essentially, a duo of flute and percussion with electronics in real time. In 1985, MISO ENSEMBLE was founded by the percussionist and composer Miguel Azguime and by the flute player and composer Paula Azguime. Distinguished for their program's originality and the diversity of their musical work, the latter reflects an approach that relies on the multifaceted capabilities of its members (composers, instrumentalists and improvisers), this duo has built for itself a unique path. In this way, MISO ENSEMBLE has re-affirmed since its creation a new way of doing and thinking music; where composition and improvisation are tools used to create different kinds of works; where the use of electronic in real time complements and extends upon the acoustic instruments. This has given place to pioneering work of investigation and creation in the field of electronic music. Paula and Miguel Azguime are award wining interpreters and composers. Several public and private institutions, national and international, have commissioned them works, both for MISO ENSEMBLE and for other formations. Apart from their contribution enlarging the repertoire for flute and percussion, the collective works of Paula and Miguel Azguime also include compositions for the cinema, theatre and dance as well as sound installations for architecture, sculpture and painting exhibitions. Over 25 years of existence, with an intense work in Portugal and more than 500 concerts, MISO ENSEMBLE has performed regularly in Portugal and abroad. More recently Paula and Miguel Azguime have developed various staged works, musical creations around the word, the gesture, the theatricality of the music, plastic representation of the sound phenomena, a congregation of elements and materials that make up a new way to design and take an innovative path for the opera in the century. XXI: a “New Op-Era”. EXTERNAL LINKS Miso Ensemble