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Activities of the composers published by the MIC​.​PT

The premiere of the new work Circumnavigare (2019) by António Chagas Rosa, will take place on October 5 at the Thalia Theatre in Lisbon, at the concert entitled The Voyage of Magalhães, by the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, with Filipe Quaresma on the cello and under the baton of Pedro Amaral. "I composed this work in the year when we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the renowned circumnavigation voyage conceived and organised by Fernão de Magalhães. The idea to write a work for a soloist and orchestra seems to reflect a dramaticism of a complex, reserved and daring personality, dialoguing with a whole set of elements – human and natural –, either hostile or favourable". Another work by António Chagas RosaCicuta (2005) for voice and piano, on the poetry by Maria Teresa Horta –, will be performed on October 22 at the O'culto da Ajuda in Lisbon (Antena 2 Recital) by the Duo Tágide (Inês Simões, soprano & Daniel Godinho, piano). This concert also includes the premiere of the piece by Fátima Fonte – coração acordeão (2019) on the poetry by Alexandre O'Neill (commissioned by the MMP).

This month Cândido Lima is invited artist at the 17th edition of the Skaņu Mežs Festival in Riga (Latvia). In this context, on October 5 at the Rígas Birža Museum and in the framework of the Unearthing the Music project, this composer published by the MIC.PT and pianist will present a programme created in collaboration with Ângela Lopes – composer published by the MIC.PT, at this concert responsible for the sonic projection. The pieces in the programme are: OPTIC-MUSIC – quadros cinéticos (excerpt), MOMENT – LANDSCAPE – sound walk (from Músicas de Villaiana – coros oceânicos), ETRAS – cantos de sonhi ma – A Viagem e Oceanos. "I like inventing my titles, even if they don't represent what one will hear. I insist on having the pleasure of finding the work's content in the title. Even when it's still not finished, I make a lot of research on the titles. There's the sonic aspect and the poetic one. That's why I have the habit of creating a kind of synthesis, just in one word, and then comes the description or reading. The first invented word holds the mystery and then there's the unveiling" – says Cândido Lima in the MIC.PT Interview from May 2019.

This month Diogo da Costa Ferreira will participate as lecturer at the Psychoanalysis Congress – Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis, taking place on October 18 and 19 at the ISPA – University Institute of Psychological, Social and Life Sciences in Lisbon. In this context, this composer published by the MIC.PT will lecture on the relation between music composition and psychoanalysis. His presentation is entitled: Um Compositor winnicottiano: para uma estética psicanalítica (A Winnicottian Composer: Towards a Psychoanalytic Aesthetics). Diogo da Costa Ferreira's catalogue of works includes orchestral music, chamber works and pieces for solo instruments, as well as music for theatre. Additionally to music composition, this multifaceted artist and researcher is dedicated to teaching, research in philosophy of art and to literary writing as Member of the Portuguese Writers' Association.

SheBeingBrand (2010-14) is the electroacoustic work by Miguel Azguime – composer published by the MIC.PT –, which will be presented on October 12 at the concert in the context of the Acousmonium Conference, organised by the CIME / ICEM – International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music, at the Music Academy in Cracow, Poland (October 10-13). At this concert, the Portuguese CIME / ICEM Federation – the Miso Music Portugal –, will be also represented by the piece by Filipe Esteves, Estuário (2019). Additionally, the repertoire of this event will also include works proposed by various other CIME / ICEM Federations form the world over – Russia, Poland, the USA, Belgium and Colombia. In the context of the Acousmonium Conference Miguel Azguime will also make a presentation entitled – The Loudspeaker Orchestra paradigm: a place for interpretation of electroacoustic music? (October 12).

The first performance of the acousmatic work by João Pedro Oliveira, N'vi'ah (2019), will take place on October 11at the Electroacoustic Music Cycle of the Austral University of Chile, where this composer published by the MIC.PT is invited artist. Three other pieces of his authorship will be also presented in this context: Storms (2018), Singularity (2019) & Tesseract (2017). At this cycle João Pedro Oliveira will also lead a composition masterclass. The world-premiere of the work N'vi'ah will take place on October 18 at the Ai-Maako Festival in Santiago de Chile. Other João Pedro Oliveira's pieces performed this month are: Things I have seen in My Dreams (2019) on October 4, at the 2019 STUDIO 300 Digital Art and Music Festival (Transylvania University, USA); Íris (2000) on October 6, at the New Music Forum (Mexico City); Timshel (2007) on October 19, at the CEMIcircles Festival (Texas, USA); and Tesseract (2017) at the 4th International Congress of Music Science and Technology in Buenos Aires.

This month Carlos Alberto Augusto – composer published by the MIC.PT – is invited speaker at the II Historical Soundscapes Meeting 2019, which will take place between October 16 and 18 at the University of Évora. In this context, at the event's last meeting, this composer, musician and sound designer whose activity is focused on music for theatre, theatre-music as well as multimedia, video and interactive communication, will give a conference dedicated to the theme – Uma viagem pelo silêncio (A Journey Through the Silence). The organisers of the meeting presuppose that the notion of soundscapes, being increasingly referred to in international musicological circles, allows to understand musical activity that takes place in a particular area from a wide-ranging contextual perspective, unlike a view centred on a composer or restricted group of composers. It enables to take music as a social, political and cultural activity and not merely artistic.

The new work by Jaime Reis, Fluxus, Vortex – Schubkraft (2019) for guitar quartet and electronics, will be premiered in the end of October, during four performances of the Portuguese tour by the Aleph Guitar Quartet – at the Lisboa Incomum (October 28), at the Old Disco in Idanha-a-Nova (October 29), at the Municipal House of Culture in Seia (October 30) and at the Casa da Música in Porto (November 1). The programme of the concerts will also include the music by: Jörg Mainka, Peter Jakober, Núria Giménez Comas, Georg Friedrich Haas and Nicolaus A. Huber. The new work by Jaime Reis was created during this composer's published by the MIC.PT residency at the ZKM – Center for Art and Media (Karlsruhe, Germany) in 2018. It's a commission by the ZKM and the Aleph Quartet. Two other Jaime Reis's pieces will have their public performances this month: the 1st and 2nd Movements of Sangue Inverso – Inverso Sangue, at the concert by the Fractales Ensemble at the Raiano Culture Centre in Idanha-a-Nova (October 10); and Sândalo. Prata. by René Mora (guitar) and Vicente Cintero (flute), at the Valencia House of Madrid (October 18).

The premiere of the 104th production of the Teatro das Beiras, La bella verità (The Beautiful Truth) by Carlo Goldoni, with original music by Helder Filipe Gonçalves – composer published by the MIC.PT –, will take place on October 10. This theatre piece – with translation and staging by Gil Salgueiro Nave, scenography and costumes by Luís Mouro, lighting by Fernando Sena and performed by Fernando Landeira, Hâmbar de Sousa, Inês Barros, Roberto Jácome, Sílvia Morais, Susana Gouveia and Tiago Moreira – will be on stage until October 19, at the Auditorium of the Teatro das Beiras in Covilhã. Additionally, Helder Filipe Gonçalves is author of the soundtrack for Vasco Diogo's experimental short film, Mixed Movie, winner at the Festigious – International Film Festival in the Best Experimental Movie category. "The film is influenced by a modern surrealistic aesthetics where creativity, randomness and imagination play an important role" – reveal the film's creators. The Mixed Movie images were entirely made using a mobile phone and several apps. After being edited, Helder Filipe Gonçalves composed the original soundtrack.

Zone#1​ (2019) for percussion, electronics and video is a new installation by Igor C. Silva, whose premiere presentation with the participation of the percussionist João Dias, will take place on October 15 at the ESMAE – Superior School of Music and Performance Arts in Porto. Another work by this composer published by the MIC.PT – Smart-alienation (2016) for small flexible ensemble, electronics and video – this month will be performed in the context of two concerts: on October 14 by the Tactus Ensemble in New York (USA); and on October 25 by the ensembles lovemusic and HANATSUmiroir in Strasbourg (France). "The freedom emerges as the most important factor in order for the composer to be able to look at his or her own music from the inside, and not necessarily through the prism of the canons that the current music practice imposes" – says Igor C. Silva in the Interview given to the MIC.PT in August 2015.

Das Margens da Luz is the title of the concert by the Metropolitana Soloists, but also of the work for clarinet and piano (2009) by Fernando C. Lapa – composer published by the MIC.PT–, which will be performed in the context of this event on October 27, at the Luísa Todi Municipal Forum in Setúbal (5th Chamber Music Days in Setúbal). The programme of this concert, performed by Janete Santos (flute), Jorge Camacho (clarinet) and Anna Tomasik (piano), will also include another work by Fernando C. Lapa, Estudos Sobre a Luz: II Incerta Claridade (2008) for piano solo, as well as the music by: Cláudio Carneyro, Fernando Lopes-Graça and Sérgio Azevedo. Additionally, the new work by Fernando C. Lapa for baritone, choir and orchestra and based on a poem by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, will be premiered this month at the Porto Cathedral at a concert in memory of the bishop, D. António Ferreira Gomes.

The composer published by the MIC.PT, Daniel Davis, is one of the participants at the LPO – London Philharmonic Orchestra 2019/20 Young Composers Programme. This initiative, supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in the framework of the Polska Music programme, offers emerging composers the opportunity to work on a new piece with the Orchestra's musicians across a year, leading to a public performance by the LPO and Foyle Future Firsts, entitled Debut Sounds, on July 6 2020, at the Queen Elizabeth Hall (Southbank Centre) in London. The participants are mentored by the British composer James MacMillan, who provides expertise and guidance in a series of seminars and workshops.

The work by Paulo Bastos, Cinco canções de Miguel Torga (2016) for voice and guitar orchestra, is included in the program-me of the concert by the Guri Santa Marcelina Guitar Camerata, with Aline Souza (voice) and conducted by Thales Vieira Maestre. The event will take place on October 20 at the Hebraica Club in São Paulo. "In a general way, literature is the extra-musical source, most significantly influencing my work. This influence's been particularly strong in the recent works" – says Paulo Bastos in the MIC.PT Interview from 2019. The Guitar Camerata's regular repertoire also includes his piece Vinte e quatro and the music by two other composers published by the MIC.PT: António Pinho Vargas (Vilas Morenas) and José Mesquita Lopes (Ecos da Eternidade).
4 / 10, at 1h00 a.m.
In the 1st Person: José Mesquita Lopes

Música Hoje (Music Today) continues the interviews to Portuguese contemporary composers, revealing various aspects of their creative universes and giving time to listen to their music. This time, within this series of programmes In the 1st Person (Na 1.ª Pessoa), we broadcast an interview realised by Pedro Boléo to the composer José Mesquita Lopes. Born in 1960, José Mesquita Lopes is a composer and guitarist. He has written chamber music, works for solo instruments and orchestra, but also electroacoustic music. He's a professor and a researcher, having written a thesis on Portuguese contemporary guitar music.
18 / 09, at 1h00 a.m.
In the 1st Person: Daniel Martinho

Música Hoje (Music Today) presents yet another programme from the In the 1st Person (Na 1.ª Pessoa) cycle. This time the invited composer is Daniel Martinho (born in 1985). After having attended the Music Academy of Espinho, in 2006 he became student at the ESAME in Porto (College of Music and Performance Arts), where he graduated from the Composition course. He was nominated Young Composer in Residence at the Casa da Música in 2010. Daniel Martinho composes chamber music and pieces for solo instruments, music for choir and orchestra and electroacoustic works. He also writes music for theatre, as well as arrangements and orchestrations for various instrumental sets. Daniel Martinho is also active as professor of analysis, composition and guitar.
New scores on the MIC​.​PT
The score edition by the MIC.PT aims at distributing scores of works by Portuguese composers, making them available on-line and thus pro-moting the choice of Portuguese mu-sic among musicians & researchers.

Amílcar Vasques-Dias (AVDias0016)
FATA MORGANA (2016) · flute and piano
Diogo Alvim (DAlv0002)
Occupation_2 (2008) · a cappella mixed choir
João Quinteiro (JQui0002)
Eros (2017) · nine players towards each other
NEW CDs on the MIC​.​PT
Travels in My Homeland
Portuguese Piano Music

Joana Gama · piano
Works by: Amílcar Vasques-Dias · Lume de Chão: Tecido de Memórias e Afectos (2004); Fernando Lopes-Graça · Viagens na Minha Terra (1954)

Edição: Grand Piano Records
Folias e polifonias
8 / 09, Casa da Música, Porto
São Francisco Chorus; Os Afónicos – RTP Staff House Chorus; Sol Maior Choir; Porto Teachers Choral Group; Kyrios Choral Group; Rio Tinto Orpheon; Portuscale BPI Orpheon
Portuguese Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra
Hélder Magalhães · musical direction
Variations on the Carnival of Venice
8 / 09, Casa da Música, Porto
Portuguese Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra
Horácio Ferreira · clarinet
Hélder Magalhães · musical direction
Home Is Where Your Heart Is
8 / 09, Museum Galleries, Serralves Foundation, Porto
Drumming – Percussion Group
Miquel Bernat, Pedro Oliveira and Rui Rodrigues
Vânia Rovisco · performance
State of(f) Emergencies
17 / 09, Casa da Música, Porto
Remix Ensemble Casa da Música
Sian Edwards · musical direction
Colors Seen in Silence I
21 / 09, Castelo de Paiva Municipal Auditorium
Victor Pereira · clarinet
Vítor Pinho · piano
Klimt 2
21 / 09, Music Conservatoire of Paredes
Frederic Cardoso · bass clarinet
28 / 09, O'culto da Ajuda, Lisbon
João Castro Pinto · sonic projection
28 / 09, 15th Visiones Sonoras Festival, Morelia, Mexico
Iván Manzanilla · performer
Home Sweet Sound
28 / 09, Circular 2019 Festival, Vila do Conde
Joana Gama · piano
Vítor Rua · electronics
29 / 09, Casa da Música, Porto
Casa da Música Children Choir; Raquel Couto · musical direction
Gonçalo Vasquez · piano
29 / 09, Casa da Música, Porto
Casa da Música Children Choir; Raquel Couto · musical direction
Gonçalo Vasquez · piano
Tracking the Creative Process in Music

Two composers published by the MIC.PT – Sara Carvalho and Diogo Alvim – are participants at the international conference Tracking the Creative Process in Music, which will be taking place between October 9 and 11 at the NOVA University in Lisbon (Campolide Campus). In this sense, Sara Carvalho will make her presentation entitled Spinning Yarns: Gesture and indeterminacy in collaborative composition, on October 9. The presentation by Diogo AlvimComposing with real world programmes – will take place on the second day of this conference organised by the CESEM Research Centre (FCSH, NOVA University, Lisbon), the INET-md Research Centre (FCSH, NOVA University) and by the IRCAM – Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique / Musique (Paris).

The piece Sax-Blue (1982-84) for saxophone and electronics by Jorge Peixinho – composer published by the MIC.PT –, is included in the programme of the concert Emerging Talents, RECAST, by Philippe Trovão. The performance, finalising this saxophonist's residence at the O'culto da Ajuda, will take place at this Lisbon venue on October 26. The project by Philippe Trovão, RECAST, has the aim to preserve the works composed for saxophone and an electroacoustic unit. "The last three works of the programme use a simulation of the Korg SE500 echo chamber, created by António de Sousa Dias. One of the pieces – Variants-Invariants by Costin Miereanu – was an inspiration for Jorge Peixinho to compose Sax-Blue. The will to set up this project originated from my unchanging taste towards contemporary music" – says Philippe Trovão.
Diz-Concerto · with music by Portuguese composers

Works of five composers published by the MIC.PT are included in the programme of the music theatre performances for the youth, Diz-Concerto (Say-Concert) by the Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble conducted by Pedro Neves. The event will take place on October 16 at the Cascais Culture Centre. The pieces included in the programme are: Sonho (2015) by Daniel Martinho for the poem by Fernando Pessoa, Ao desconcerto do mundo (2014) by Ângela da Ponte for the poem of Luís Vaz de Camões, Fala do velho do Restelo ao astronauta (2015) by Sofia Sousa Rocha for the poem by José Saramago, Quando eu nasci (2011) by Pedro Rebelo for the text by Isabel Minhós Martins and Toc Toc Toc (2009) by João Madureira based on the original story by Hélia Correia. Diz-Concerto is a music theatre performance continuing the tradition of works such as Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev. It's a sonic and scenic space joining a narrator's voice with orchestral instruments (flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano) and electronics. It brings together music and texts / poems by renowned Portuguese authors.
MIC​.​PT Highlights
New Composer's Page on the MIC.PT · Tiago Derriça

From now on the MIC.PT has a new Composer’s Page dedicated to Tiago Derriça, born in 1986 in Lisbon. He studied the Cello at the Metropolitana Music Conservatoire and, simultaneously, Composition at the Santa Cecília Music Academy with Pedro Faria Gomes. Tiago Derriça made the Master's Degree at the Music College of Lisbon and the University of Évora, where he was mentored by, respectively, Carlos Marecos and Christopher Bochmann. He also holds a Licentiate in Composition from the Music College of Lisbon, where he worked with António Pinho Vargas, João Madureira, Luís Tinoco and Sérgio Azevedo. Presently, Tiago Derriça is teaching Composition and Music Theory at the Academia de Amadores de Música (Music Amateurs Academy), the Academia Musical dos Amigos das Crianças (Children's Friends Music Academy) and Luís António Verney School. His music has been performed by several chamber groups; chamber music is a genre to which he has dedicated much of his production. On the other hand, he has also written for multiple orchestras and choirs, such as the Gulbenkian Orchestra and Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, the Albany Symphony Orchestra, the Gulbenkian Choir, MPMP Choir, the Olisipo Vocal Group and Ricercare Choir. His production has also been focused on music for theatre. He's collaborated with the Trindade Theatre and the stage director Maria Emília Correia.
Young Musician's AWARD & Festival 2019

This year's edition of the Young Musicians' Festival, organised by the Antena 2 and the Music Department at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, will take place between October 3 and 5. The programme of these three days includes concerts and other initiatives with free entrance, taking place all around the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. The Festival is the culmination of the 33rd edition of the Young Musicians' Award. "The Young Musicians' Award is an event with unique features in Portugal. It promotes and disseminates the work by young performers, but also gives special attention to Portuguese music. In this context, we are again associated with the Portuguese Author's Society (SPA), promoting the 8th edition of the SPA / Antena 2 Composition Competition. The awarded work by Francisco Fontes, Manifesto – chosen by a jury composed of the conductor José Eduardo Gomes and the composers Nuno Côrte-Real and Daniel Moreira – will be premiered at the Gala Concert by the Gulbenkian Orchestra. As usual at the festival, we also have the participation of the past winners of the Award. Other ones will be present in form of a homage, as in the case of Samuel Bastos, a brilliant and rare musician, laureate of the Award in 2007, who unfortunately left us too early" – says Luís Tinoco, director of the Young Musician's Award and Festival. The 2019 Festival is a showcase of new talents, promoting the musicians distinguished within the various categories of the 33rd edition of the PJM – solo instrumentalists, chamber and jazz musicians. The Young Musicians of the Year 2019, soloist-winner of the Silva Pereira Award, will perform a work at the Gala Concert on October 5.
9th Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble Composition Competition
new chamber music with electronics · Deadline – December 1

In order to encourage the creation and dissemination of new musical works, the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble is organising the 9th edition of the Sond'Ar-te Composition Competition – new chamber music with electronics. This initiative is open to composers of any age and nationality. Each contestant can submit only one work, lasting between 7 and 15 minutes, and composed in or after 2015. The submitted pieces musn't have been commercially published or awarded at any national or international competition. Winners at the previous Sond'Ar-te Competitions can't participate in the present edition. The jury of the 9th Sond'Ar-te Competition is composed of: Philippe Leroux, Pedro Carneiro and Miguel Azguime. The Competition's deadline is December 1.
21st International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition – Música Viva 2020
submissions until February 25, 2020

In order to encourage the creation and diffusion of new electroacoustic works, the Miso Music Portugal promotes the 21st International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition – Música Viva 2020. The deadline for the works’ submission is February 25, 2020. This initiative is directed to composers of all nationalities and ages, each of whom may submit only one work for a maximum of eight channels and lasting between 5 and 15 minutes, which has not been commercially published or awarded at any other national or international competition. The winning work will be announced during the Música Viva 2020 Festival, taking place at the O’culto da Ajuda and São Luiz Municipal Theatre in Lisbon between May 26 and June 6. The Competition's jury is composed of: James Dashow (USA), Claude Cadoz (France) and Miguel Azguime (Portugal).
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